Farrah Abraham Will Return to Teen Mom if Cheyenne Floyd Is Fired

Farrah Abraham Former Teen Mom

Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham says she will return to the franchise with many demands. She said she wants an all-original cast, which means newbie Cheyenne Floyd has to be out.

Abraham got her start on the hit MTV reality series after being part of the original cast of TLC's 16 and Pregnant. As a teen, she gave birth to her daughter, Sophia Laurent Abraham, and then went on to star in many of the Teen Mom spinoffs over the last decade. She returned to the network as part of the Teen Mom OG cast but was let go after she reportedly became rude toward her family, co-stars, and the MTV crew members. Abraham went on to pursue a career in the adult film industry after she left the popular reality series in October of 2017. She since has gone on to star in a variety of adult films and make media headlines through wardrobe malfunctions and referring to 9/11 as seven-11.

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In the podcast Teen Mom Time, 28-year-old Abraham revealed that she's planning her return to Teen Mom, saying that she has connections, "I go out now with the executives of Teen Mom and I hang out with producers." Abraham also said that she will return to the MTV series under one condition - that all newbies on the show will not be on her season. She said, "Things must be my way or I don’t come back. I don’t share my seasons with newbies. I’ll come back if it’s OG all the way." The only newbie on the show currently is Floyd who took the place of Bristol Palin. Floyd is featured with baby daddy Cory Wharton whom they and share their 2-year-old daughter, Ryder. Abraham bashed Floyd, saying, "No one knows Cheyenne is on the show, let’s be real."

Farrah Abraham and Daughter Teen Mom

She then went to bash the casting director for Teen Mom saying, that whoever is in charge of bringing in the new moms "needs to be trained again." She spoke about how she's watched who's been replacing her in the past two years since her departure, saying, "It’s been quirky seeing the girls they put in place for me." She laughed and said it's odd "seeing how they picture fulfilling my place has been very funny and entertaining to me." The former Teen Mom continued to bash Floyd, by saying it's inauthentic to have Floyd on the show as she's admitted to being a fan of the show before being cast on it. She continues, "You’re duping what Teen Mom is about now. You make Teen Mom out to be a lie." Despite her bashing the other Teen Moms, she said she's taken a long break from TV and now she's ready to be back. She said she will return "whenever they are ready to have some Farrah back in their lives and want those high ratings again."

It seems Abraham is back at causing drama again between the other Teen Moms, and she's not even back on the show yet. It remains to be seen if MTV will take her up on her offer or not. It's obvious that Abraham seems to have controversy wherever she goes, and it's uncertain if MTV will want to associate themselves with her. Fans will have to wait and see if MTV gives in to her demands and replaces Floyd with Abraham or not.

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Source: Teen Mom Time

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