New 'Fargo' TV Series Trailer: Shopping for Some Crime

Fargo Bob Odenkirk

Though Joel and Ethan Coen made many well-regarded films before 1996 (and have continued to do so since), Fargo remains one of their most popular and critically acclaimed works. The enduring fondness for the movie has spawned an unusual project: a television series starring some hefty names and partially scripted by the Coens themselves.

Set to air on the increasingly respectable venue of FX, Fargo will apparently draw loose inspiration from the original film's plot to tell the story of a drifter (Billy Bob Thornton) who convinces a dour insurance salesman (Martin Freeman) to embark on an ever-riskier life of crime. A new trailer for the series mixes dread with the mundane as an unseen figure prepares for extra-legal shenanigans.

Like Fargo's first preview, this latest glimpse at the series prioritizes tone over actors or narrative. Whereas the previous teaser highlighted Fargo's frozen setting, this one effectively communicates that the series will feature bad men up to bad things.

Nonetheless, the wordless preview also communicates that Fargo will have a sense of humor about its crowbar and hatchet-based horrors. Just as the original movie juxtaposed unspeakable acts of violence with wry ridiculousness, it appears that the series will have some Funions along with its bludgeonings.

Fargo Bob Odenkirk

Additionally, the point-of-view shot from within the grocery basket speaks well to the series' stylistic sensibilities. With such care and cleverness in Fargo's promotional campaign, the odds are looking ever better that the show will live up to the creative legacy of its source material.

Fargo features the talents of Billy Bob Thornton (Puss in Boots), Martin Freeman (Sherlock), Bob Odenkirk (Breaking Bad), Oliver Platt (X-Men: First Class), and Colin Hanks (The Guilt Trip).


Fargo will roll onto FX on April 15th, 2014.

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