FX Still Hopeful For Season 4 of Fargo

Carrie Coon in Fargo Season 3 Episode 10

Following the finale of the critically acclaimed season 3, the powers that be at FX are still hopeful that Fargo season 4 is a real possibility. Despite rumors suggesting the end of the show, Noah Hawley was quick to assure fans that while the program isn't over yet, it could be several years until its return.

Based in part on the original Coen brothers feature from 1996, Fargo has become a fast favorite with both critics and general audiences on FX. Bolstered by the show's success, series creator Hawley went on to produce the Marvel Comics inspired original series Legion for the same network - which was also warmly regarded and is currently headed into production on season 2. Nevertheless, FX is still optimistic in regards to Hawley's potential return to production on season 4 of Fargo.

According to an exclusive statement issued by the network President and General Manager, John Landgraf, Fargo season 4 is still a distinct possibility that FX is actively pursuing in collaboration with Hawley.  When asked point blank if season 4 is still coming, Landgraf stated:

"I hope so. We haven't heard the idea from Noah on what the fourth season would be. He’s working actively on the second season of Legion. He has a burgeoning film career, so FX is going to have to share him with our film studio."

Ewan McGregor Michael Stuhlbarg and David Thewlis in Fargo Season 3

Granted the fact that said statement is far from being an affirmative yes or no, Fargo fans can rest a little easier knowing that FX is still interested in pursuing production on season 4. Provided no other major film or TV projects come up that would divert the series creator's already occupied attention, perhaps the book hasn't closed quite yet on the much beloved adaption of the original Coen brothers film.

Fargo season 3 definitely ended on a high note, and as such the continuation of the series with season 4 would no doubt be a more than welcome possibility to its core audience of devoted viewers. Only time will tell whether or not Hawley will manage to drum up the inspiration and time necessary to continue the show, so here's to hoping we haven't seen the last of the FX program.

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Source: John Landgraf

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