Fargo Season 4 Won't Begin Production Until Fall 2019

Carrie Coon in Fargo Season 3 Episode 10

The executive producer for Fargo has confirmed that season 4 is definitely happening, but production won't start until fall in 2019. It's bittersweet news for viewers of the award-winning FX series, as it means it will be some time before the crime anthology drama reaches TV screens again. But, after some concerns that a new season might never be filmed, it does confirm that Noah Hawley will continue to write the show and that fans have plenty of surprises to look forward to.

The first season of Fargo arrived on TV screens in 2014, where it took the basic concept of the 1996 feature film in unexpected directions. The first story arc followed the destructive path of crime that the hitman Lorne Malvo (Billy Bob Thornton) left in his wake, while being doggedly pursued by small-town Deputy Molly Solverson (Allison Tolman). There were plenty of wonderfully oddball characters and eccentric sub-plots that ran through the entire 10 episode run. season 2 acted as a prequel set in 1979, and featured Molly's father State Trooper Lou Solverson (Patrick Wilson) involved in a homicide case. With season 3 playing out during 2010 and focusing on Carrie Coon's Police Chief Gloria Burgle, it's clear that each season has a unique flavor, with small-town cops out of their depth being the only constant. And while Fargo season 4 was confirmed earlier this year, it was clear that audiences would have to wait some time to see it.

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The main issue has been the amount of time that Noah Hawley is available for, and the commitment for quality and casting that has been the hallmark of the show since the start. Happily, though, when the Fargo executive producer Warren Littlefield recently spoke to Deadline, he confirmed that a plan was in place for Hawley to write the new season. Speaking about the intended schedule, he said:

"Noah Hawley is directing a film this summer... and then in the fourth quarter, he’ll write the opening hour of Fargo, and then at the top of the year, the writers’ room will go to work. Hopefully we get most of the season written, and then in fall go into production.”

Ted Danson and Patrick Wilson in Fargo Season 2

The film that Littlefield is referring to is Pale Blue Dot, an astronaut drama that Hawley is making with Natalie Portman and Jon Hamm.  The writer's commitment to that project and his work on Legion have been the main reasons for the delay with Fargo. But the timing mean that Hawley's previous comments about season 4 screening during 2019 being "a long shot" seem to have come true.

The setting and timeframe for the next plot still remains top secret. The only comment that Littlefield would make is that, “We have a year, a city, and a location.” Previously Hawley did make comments that his vision for the next season was that it would be "another period piece," perhaps going back to the time frame of season 2, although with a completely different set-up and story. Despite the long wait, at least fans have something definite to look forward to now, and it seems unlikely that Fargo season 4 will disappoint when it eventually returns to TV screens.

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Source: Deadline

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