Fargo Season 3 Promo: Nothing's Open and Shut

Carrie Coon in Fargo Season 3

Each season of Fargo has taken place in a different time period and tackled a different self-contained story. Season 1 took place in 2006 and dealt with a mild-mannered insurance salesman (Martin Freeman) becoming a cold-blooded killer after a chance meeting with a devilish drifter (Billy Bob Thorton). Season 2 took place in the '70s and concerned the escalating madness that ensued after a ditzy hair dresser (Kirsten Dunst) accidentally ran over a member of a violent North Dakota crime family. The twisty 10-episode second season garnered the show six Emmy and three Golden Globe nominations. Anticipation is high for season 3, which brings things back to the near-present, 2010 to be precise.

The Fargo season 3 cast includes Ewan McGregor playing a pair of brothers, Emmit Stussy the rich, handsome Parking Lot King of Minnesota and Ray a parole officer described as balding and pot-bellied. Carrie Coon plays Gloria Burgle, the police chief of Eden Prairie, Minnesota, who is described as being befuddled by technology. Automatic doors are apparently among the types of technology Burgle struggles with.

In the latest delightfully spoiler-free and totally cryptic Fargo season 3 promo from FX Networks, Gloria encounters an automatic door with an attitude. We see her attempting to enter a store after letting a woman exit, but the door slides shut in her face and she walks into it. Instead of waiting for the door to re-open, Gloria simply turns around and leaves. The Chaplin-esque clip's punchline comes when a piece of paper flutters down and makes the door open.

Another recent Fargo promo clip featured Ewan McGregor's dapper-looking Emmit Stussy licking and carefully placing a stamp, then sitting back in his chair to enjoy the moment. In another somewhat ominous clip, Gloria is driving her police car on a call in a snow storm when she drives up on a discarded air conditioner lying in the middle of the road. "What the heck is that?" she asks in typical Fargo fashion.

Carrie Coon in Fargo Season 3

Besides being befuddled by fancy automatic doors and confused by air conditioners that suddenly appear in the middle of wintry highways, Carrie Coon's Gloria character is said by showrunner Noah Hawley to mirror Marge Gunderson, Francis McDormand's character in the original movie Fargo. Coon's decency amid a world of evil and corruption is reportedly a central theme of the new season.

Whether Fargo season 3 can live up to the first two seasons remains to be seen. The cast is certainly very solid and showrunner Noah Hawley has shown that he knows how to craft gripping television stories that have no problem whipping out big surprises at every turn.

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Fargo season 3 premieres April 19, 2017 on FX.

Source: FX Networks

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