Fargo Season 3 Promos: Ewan McGregor Lives in a World of Barbarians

Fargo's third season is set to arrive on FX in just a few weeks, and anticipation is high. With good reason, though, since the previous two seasons have been huge success stories, both critically and commercially. This time, Ewan McGregor stars as brothers Ray and Emmit Stussy; one a down on his luck parole officer and the other the alleged 'Parking Lot King of Minnesota.' Carrie Coon takes on the role of good cop (literally), Gloria Burgle, with Mary Elizabeth Winstead as the bridge-playing parolee, Nikki Swango. David Thewlis takes on a villainous role, playing the mysterious and deadly V.M. Vargas.

Ahead of the season's premiere, two new clips for Fargo season three have arrived and can be viewed above, and below. The first promo is only very short, but it details the first meeting between Ray and his new parolee, Nikki. He looks quite pleased. We know from previously released Fargo season 3 trailers and images that he and Nikki end up in cahoots with one another; chances are, Nikki is playing him for a fool, which seems to happen a lot in Fargo. Ray has a huge chip on his shoulder because of the hand he's been dealt in life, and sibling rivalry comes into play in this season of Fargo, causing tension between him and Emmit.

Emmit appears in the second, longer promo (see below), looking dramatically different to Ray (how are they played by the same person?!) He is confident, brash, self-assured... just the kind of character we'd all like to see learn a harsh lesson. It's probably safe to assume that in Fargo, he will. Meanwhile, Gloria Burgle is going about town, trying to keep up with a bloody crime spree, but she doesn't have the most reliable or intelligent witnesses.

Both promos highlight Fargo's great use of subtle, dark humor. The show has us laughing one minute, recoiling in horror the next, and then laughing again. Even some of its more violent scenes (and there are plenty) are fun to watch. Certainly Thewlis looks to be unhinged and menacing as the villain. His line, "Pitchfork peasants with murder in their eyes," is gloriously chilling.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it, has certainly proven to be a good mantra for Fargo; showrunner Noah Hawley has delivered seasons that all differ individually in terms of cast and time frame, but all adhere to the same general principals set by the Coen brother's Fargo movie: bad things happening to good people, that spiral out of control and reveal the dark side in all of us.

Fargo returns to FX on April 19.

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