Fargo Season 3 Promo: Ewan McGregor is Not Looking Good

A new teaser for Fargo season 3 arrives and star Ewan McGregor is perhaps not looking his best, as one of a pair of brothers.

Fargo season 3 - Diner sign

Fargo is soon set to return to FX for its third season. The anthology show will move its time setting from the seventies to 2010, and this time will follow brothers Ray and Emmit Stussy, both played by Ewan McGregor. With one brother (Emmit) the self-styled Parking Lot King of Minnesota, and the other (Ray) less of a success, the lives of both brothers are turned upside down because of their twisted sibling rivalry - leading to petty theft and even murder. Once again, Fargo will focus around events that gradually spiral out of control, meaning we've got plenty of the show's trademark dark humor to look forward to.

A short teaser for Fargo season 3 has already been released; as cryptic and confusing as previous seasons teasers have been. Now, another promo has dropped, and though this one doesn't give any plot details away either, it does give us our first look at some of Fargo's new characters; including McGregor as (most likely) Ray. Take a look at the teaser, above.

The Fargo teaser is also our first look at Carrie Coon (The Leftovers) as Gloria Burgle, the local chief of police, who certainly notices the departure of Ray from the diner. Mary Elizabeth Winstead also appears as Nikki Swango, described as a crafty and alluring recent parolee with a passion for competitive bridge, though there's no sign of her card playing in the few seconds she appears. Still, she looks great and certainly Nikki and Ray make for an interesting pair. Whose car is it? It doesn't necessarily look as though it belongs to Ray, and maybe that's what's piqued Gloria's interest.

Fargo season 3 & 4 update

As for McGregor, he is barely recognizable as Ray, and that just makes us even more intrigued to see what he looks like as Emmit. Rumor has it that Emmit has more hair, at least, and there should be a fair visual difference between the pair, since McGregor plays brothers, but not twins. 

David Thewlis also stars in Fargo season 3, as the mysterious V. M. Vargas, the villain of the piece and a man who will force Emmit to do business with him, whether he likes it or not. The question is, with tensions between Ray and Emmit, will one sibling step in to help the other, or will he gleefully stand by and witness his brother's demise?

As with previous seasons, Fargo season 3 will connect in some way to its previous seasons, though how exactly, is not yet known. Between seasons one and two, it was the connection of Lou and Molly Solverson appearing as older characters in season one, and younger characters in season 2. Does that mean there's possibly room for Allison Tolman to appear again as Molly in season three?

Fargo season 3 premieres on FX on April 19th.

Source: FX

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