Jim Gaffigan Joins the Cast of Fargo Season 3

Jim Gaffigan joins Fargo season 3 cast

FX darling, Fargo, has thus far won over both critics and fans alike. The cable network has cornered the market on the anthology format, and it seems to be working quite well. American Horror Story was recently renewed for its seventh season; American Crime Story (not to be confused with ABC's American Crime, which is also an anthology) already has seasons two and three in development after the success of The People v O.J. Simpson; Fargo is getting a third season with a brand new cast an time period; and FX has ordered a Ryan Murphy lead series titled Feud.

Fargo series creator, Noah Hawley, is so busy at FX with Fargo and his new project, Legion, that he had to step down from the Universal monster movie he had been expected to work on. With the acclaim being piled onto these FX ventures, it's no wonder the network is putting so much heft into these series'. The People v O.J. Simpson took home nine Emmys in 2016, and Fargo won eight Emmys for its first season in 2014. This upcoming third season of Fargo is set a few years after the events of season 1, yet still in the continuity of the events from season 2 which was set in 1979.

Fargo season 3 plot details

Fargo excels at showcasing characters that are fun and downright odd. The quirky mix of dark humor and violence is purposely maintained to keep the series in the same vein as the Coen Brothers film for which the series is named. Each of the first two seasons gave the audience interesting, stand alone stories that share common threads.

Just because Molly and Gus made it to the end of the first season, don't expect them to appear in season 3. THR notes that none of the stars from previous seasons are expected to return for the third, but Hawley has said that it isn't entirely out of the question. Season three centers around Emmit and Ray Stussy, two brothers who wound up on different paths leaving one resentful of his brother's life.

Fargo returns for its third season in Spring 2017.

Source: THR

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