Fargo Season 3 Video: It's Not a Pretty Picture

Fargo season 3 - Diner sign

FX’s Fargo anthology TV series is such an unlikely success that it’s practically a miracle. It takes the 1996 Joel and Ethan Coen film Fargo, and borrows the name, setting, themes, and visual style, and while it’s set in the same universe, it features not a single one of the movie’s actors or characters. And the Coens, who wrote, directed, produced and even edited the movie, aren’t involved in the show at all; Legion creator Noah Hawley is the showrunner.

It could have been a cheap knockoff, and not measured up to the film in so many different ways. But the Fargo TV show has pretty much thrown a no-hitter so far. The first season — with Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman as criminals and Allison Tolman as the Gundersonesque cop chasing them, was outstanding. The second season, which took the action back to the late ‘70s with a cast led by Patrick Wilson, Kirsten Dunst, and Jesse Plemons, was even better. And now the third season is about to debut, featuring yet another all-new cast. FX -- following several outstanding teasers for the new season — has released a 30-second “cast spotlight” video featuring the show’s latest new cast.

In the video, featuring all of the usual touchstones of all previous versions of Fargo — snow, police cars, Midwestern accents, sudden violence — we also meet the new cast, consisting of Carrie Coon (from The Leftovers), Mary Elizabeth Winstead, David Thewlis, Coen veteran Michael Stuhlbarg (from A Serious Man) and, playing two different characters, Ewan McGregor. It’s “not a pretty picture,” Coon’s character warns.

Fargo season 3 - Diner sign

Fans should expect this Fargo to continue what the previous seasons have started. Hawley has taken his time with the new episodes — season 2 finished airing in December 2015 — and everything we’ve seen from the previews and teasers indicates that the series will continue to operate along the same lines as the first two seasons. The cast is a good indication, too -- Carrie Coon and Michael Stuhlbarg, in particular, tend to make projects they’re in better and not worse.

Then again, a previously great series suddenly going off the rails mid-run isn’t unprecedented, and there’s always the chance that Hawley, who also ran the first season of Legion, is spread too thin. But until we see otherwise, there’s little reason to expect anything but greatness from the third season of Fargo.

Fargo returns April 19, 2017 on FX.

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Source: FX Networks

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