Far From Home Set Photos Confirm Iconic Comic Book Couple

New photos from the set of Spider-Man: Far From Home show two characters holding hands (and no, it's not Peter and M.J.).

Spider Man Homecoming Peter and Ned

Warning: Mild spoilers ahead for Spider-Man: Far From Home


A classic couple from Marvel Comics will be pairing up in Spider-Man: Far From Home, as new set photos show Betty Brant (Angourie Rice) holding hands with Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon). The photos also appear to confirm that J.B. Smoove, whose role has been a mystery up until now, is playing one of Midtown School of Science and Technology's teachers.

In the comics, Peter Parker meets Betty and Ned at The Daily Bugle, where they both work (Ned as a reporter, and Betty as J. Jonah Jameson's secretary). However, in Spider-Man: Homecoming they were Peter's schoolmates rather than his colleagues. Ned is Peter's best friend, and one of the only people who knows about his secret identity, while Betty is best friends with Peter's love interest, Liz, and is also the co-anchor of the delightfully awkward school news broadcast.

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True to its title, Spider-Man: Far From Home has been hopping around Europe, filming first in London and then in Prague, and currently the cast are shooting scenes in Venice. The film appears to be based around Peter and his friends taking a school field trip across the continent. The latest set photos show the kids getting mildly attacked by some pigeons, which is entertaining in itself, but there are two particularly interesting details to note. First, Betty can be seen holding hands with someone who, though they're mostly out of frame, is almost certainly Ned. Second, J.B. Smoove can be seen chaperoning the kids along with Mr. Harrington (Martin Starr), so he's presumably playing one of Midtown's teachers.


Marvel Comics - Ned Leeds and Betty Brant wedding

Betty Brant was actually romantically involved by Peter at one point in the comics, but ultimately she ended up marrying Ned. Mary Jane Watson was the maid of honor at the wedding, and Peter was Ned's best man. We probably shouldn't expect to hear wedding bells for the movie versions of Betty and Ned just yet, but is nice to see Far From Home pairing the two of them up - especially  since Liz moved away at the end of Homecoming, leaving Betty without her best friend.

Directed by Jon Watts, Spider-Man: Far From Home will be the first Marvel Cinematic Universe movie released after next year's epic conclusion Avengers 4. Like this year's Ant-Man and the Wasp, Far From Home is expected to be a somewhat lower-stakes adventure, allowing Marvel fans to decompress after whatever Avengers 4 throws at them. Of course, the big question that's lingering is how Peter will be brought back to life so he can go on his school trip, since the last time we saw him he was fading into nothingness. Peter's never going to get a girlfriend of his own if he's just a pile of ash on Titan.

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