Far From Home Director Doesn't Know How Spider-Man's MCU Trilogy Will End

Jon Watts Likely to Return for Spider-Man: Homecoming 2

Spider-Man: Far From Home director Jon Watts reveals that he doesn't know how the MCU's Spider-Man trilogy will end. Fans have gotten several Spider-Man movies in recent years, including a trilogy from Sam Raimi starring Tobey Maguire and two films from Marc Webb starring Andrew Garfield. After Marvel and Sony finally struck a deal, Spider-Man was allowed to join the MCU with Tom Holland portraying the famous web-slinger.

Holland first appeared as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War, before getting his own solo film the following year. Spider-Man: Homecoming was directed by Watts and received mostly positive reviews from fans and critics. With Homecoming getting such a positive response, a sequel was inevitable. In 2017, Holland accidentally revealed that the Spider-Man would be getting a solo trilogy, and later that year, Watts was confirmed to direct the first sequel. The release of Spider-Man: Far From Home is quickly approaching, but Watts is already being questioned about the trilogy's conclusion.

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In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, Watts revealed that he still isn't quite sure how the trilogy will end. When we asked Watts what kind of character arc fans could expect for Peter Parker by the end of the third film, Watts explained:

"I mean, I try to think about it one movie at a time. We're definitely telling the story of this kid growing up, and we end the movie putting him in a very unique spot that we really haven’t seen Spider-Man in before in the films. So, I don’t know. For me, I’ll wait until the next one to start to figure out how we’re going to get to where I want it to end".

Tom Holland as Peter Parker and Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio in Spider-Man Far From Home

The movie is less than a month away and Spider-Man: Far From Home early reactions have already praised the sequel. The movie is also expected to make Sony and Marvel a ton of money, with Spider-Man: Far From Home looking to bring in around $150 million over the 4th of July holiday. As most fans know, Spider-Man: Far From Home will be the first film to take place after the events of Avengers: Endgame. This means that Far From Home will not only continue Parker's story, but will also give fans their best glimpse at what future MCU films could look like. In fact, the post-credits scenes for Spider-Man: Far From Home is said to be vital to future MCU films.

While some directors will plan out an entire trilogy for a character, it isn't uncommon for a director to take it one film at a time. Even if Watts wanted to plan Parker's story for three films, being a Marvel property makes doing so difficult. Several character's story arcs came to an end in Avengers: Endgame, and if Watts were to have planned out Spider-Man's entire arc, it ran the risk of being changed on account of the events that happen in other MCU films. Regardless of the character's future, fans won't have to wait too much longer before Spider-Man swings back to theaters in Spider-Man: Far From Home

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