Far From Home Has The Perfect Spider-Man Video Game Easter Egg

Spider-Man Far From Home PS4 Easter Egg Reference

Like the rest of the films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider-Man: Far From Home has a bunch of Easter Eggs from the comics and previous films in the MCU, but it also has one from Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 video game that most viewers missed. Marvel's Infinity Saga came to an end with Spider-Man: Far From Home, which reunited viewers with Peter Parker and friends in the post-blip (and post-Iron Man) world.

Spider-Man: Far From Home also took Peter to the other side of the world, although this time he wasn’t there to battle Team Captain America in an airport – he was there on a summer field trip with his friends and classmates. Things took a turn and Spidey came face to face with a type of villain that hasn't been seen before in the MCU. Of course, not everything was danger and destruction – it’s a Spider-Man film after all, and it had some lighthearted moments to balance it, and one Easter Egg in particular brought a smile to those who caught it.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man has a photo mode that allows players to take pictures at any time with a variety of filters, stickers, and more. It also has a selfie option, allowing Spider-Man to capture the moment himself, and this is where the MCU Easter egg comes in. An image of Spidey with the peace sign was used by Insomniac Games to promote the game, and near the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home, he takes a selfie flashing the good ol’ peace sign.

Marvel’s Spider-Man was released for PlayStation 4 on September 2018 and became an instant success, with players and critics praising its narrative and characterization. It became one of the fastest-selling games of the year as well as one of the bestselling PlayStation 4 games of all time, so it makes sense that the creative team behind Spider-Man: Far From Home decided to add a quick yet very significant reference to it – which is also consistent with the current portrayal of the character.

It’s understandable that the reference went over the heads of many viewers, even those who are familiar with the game, as taking a selfie flashing the peace sign would be something any teenager would do, even Spider-Man. Still, it was a very nice touch from Spider-Man: Far From Home to add a nod to one of the most successful video games of the year.

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