Far Cry Primal 101: Story, Gameplay, and World Explained In New Trailer

Gamers still awaiting the release of Far Cry Primal  later this month are likely familiar by now with the forthcoming title's basic premise, which will take the franchise away from modern day weaponized warfare to the Stone Age, specifically 10,000 BCE during the Mesolithic period. The new title will follow the trials and travails of a Wenja tribesman named Takkar, otherwise known as the Beast Master, gifted with the ability to commune with and command animals to do his bidding.

Following the release of the Far Cry Primal announcement trailer from video game developer and publisher Ubisoft, fans of the series thus far have been left shaking their heads in regards to the forthcoming game's lack of guns, vehicles, or multi-player elements. Thankfully, the latest gameplay trailer should serve to staunch those who might think that the new release will be any less grisly than its immediate predecessors.

In the video featured above, Ubisoft takes great pains to exhaustively detail the kinds of Stone Age mayhem that players can expect to take part. As Takkar, gamers will find themselves on a journey from being an unarmed warrior in the fictional Oros valley of what will one day become Central Europe to the status of all powerful tribe leader. Aided by various Stone Age tools, including clubs, blades, and an ever present bow and arrow, the Beast Master will become the king of the wild, and the entire open-world map will eventually be tamed under his singular control.

Far Cry Primal mammoth hunting

Based on the latest footage to be released by Ubisoft, the developer does seem to have things under control behind the scenes, and the final product should be up to the same caliber that players have come to expect from the property over the course of the past ten-odd years. Even if Far Cry Primal doesn't contain quiet as many automatic weapons and high caliber rifles and shotguns as have been so abundantly present in past titles, the Oros valley should offer a novel avenue for the series creators to explore, and just might change the way that players approach the series within an entirely novel temporal context.

It remains to be seen whether or not Far Cry Primal will indeed possess the ability to raise above outstanding expectations, and become capable of surviving the threat of extinction. Until the game finally sees release at the end of the month, players will just have to bide their time and hone their Beast Master abilities by studying the latest how-to footage provided by Ubisoft.

Far Cry Primal will be available to purchase from all participating retailers on February 23rd, 2016 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and subsequently on PC on March 1st, 2016.

Source: Ubisoft

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