The Far Cry Series Goes Post-Apocalyptic in this New Teaser

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Ubisoft is teasing gamers ahead of the 2018 Game Awards with a tantalizing post-apocalyptic cinematic trailer for their newest Far Cry game. Information is limited, but a few small details can be intuited from the 45-second promo, which starts off with a mushroom cloud blooming behind distant farmland as a dramatic voice-over echoes the words, “None of us were ready for the end.”

Far Cry is one of Ubisoft’s premium and most critically-lauded first-person shooter franchises, with a considerable amount of variation from the setting presented in the first self-titled game, released back in 2004. If one standard has been common throughout each entry, it’s the open-world sandbox facets which have brought players everywhere from tropical locales, to prehistoric culture, to '80s sci-fi film parody, with a focus on light survival mechanics, outpost-clearing, and user-supported map creation. The latest numbered entry in the series was Far Cry 5, released earlier this year and set in a modern-day Montana environment, inclusive of some slight references to the present American political climate.

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Today's brand-new Far Cry teaser looks to be a potential series spinoff of Far Cry 5 rather than a proper full numbered entry, positioning it among previous games like Far Cry: Primal and the stand-alone satirical expansion Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. The brief trailer doesn’t reveal anything that looks like actual gameplay footage, but the insinuated setting seems to be an overgrown familiar Hope County environment in the wake of a nuclear blast — described as “A new world, in bloom.” Cue ties to the end of Far Cry 5's story...

It’s hard not to connect certain characteristics of this setting with Bethesda’s recent, critically-muddled Fallout 76, though it’s important to note that the Far Cry series has never practically explored any post-apocalyptic trappings in previous games. Aside from the somewhat enigmatic voiceover, a single buzz saw blade threads its way through the video, before being loaded into what looks like a makeshift crossbow weapon, implying a possible theme of improvised weaponry in this yet-untitled Far Cry game.

Considering that it hasn’t even been a full year since the release of Far Cry 5, it’s interesting that Ubisoft is already ready to promote new content under this IP, especially after multiple DLC packs that Far Cry 5 already had. That being said, an accelerated release cycle has been in play ever since Far Cry 3 came out, giving fans beautiful wide-open sandboxes and emergent gameplay to engage in almost every year since 2012.

The full worldwide reveal of Ubisoft’s latest Far Cry game will air during tomorrow’s Game Awards event.

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Source: Ubisoft North America / YouTube

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