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Far Cry is back with Far Cry New Dawn - and here's everything you need to know about the new Ubisoft game. A sequel to Far Cry 5, Far Cry New Dawn returns players to the rural lands of Hope County, although it seems as though an awful lot has changed between games. What hasn't changed, though, is the player's need to get into firefights with plenty of enemies.

Aside from that, though, there are plenty of questions still to be answered about Far Cry New Dawn. Standing as one of the most anticipated games of 2019, the Ubisoft open world shooter has gained a lot of interest for its colorful take on the apocalypse. However, some fans of the series still might need to learn more about the game ahead of its imminent release.

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So, read on to find out more about Far Cry New Dawn. From the game's release date through to the changes that are being made to the Far Cry gameplay formula, here's a rundown of everything fans need to know about Far Cry New Dawn.

Far Cry New Dawn Release Date Set For February 15

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The most important fact for Far Cry fans is Far Cry New Dawn's release date. As it turns out, Far Cry New Dawn will release on February 15, 2019. In terms of platforms, Far Cry New Dawn hits most of the major ones. Far Cry New Dawn will release for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, much like its predecessor, Far Cry 5. This does mean that there's no Nintendo Switch release on the cards at the moment, so Nintendo console owners may want to look elsewhere to get their hands on the game.

Far Cry New Dawn's Story

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Far Cry New Dawn marks a first for the Far Cry franchise. It's the first direct sequel in Far Cry history, following on from the events of Far Cry 5. On top of that, it also takes place in the same location and visits some of the same spots, albeit in a slightly different way.

At the end of Far Cry 5, players were shocked to witness what appeared to be the end of the world. Nuclear bombs went off in the distance, turning the lush green forests of Hope County into a fiery wasteland. It certainly appeared as though humanity was over, aside from a handful of survivors locked down in bunkers. Far Cry New Dawn is set 17 years later and reveals that the human race has survived, and has resurfaced to a world thriving with life.

However, this future isn't without conflicts of its own. The fledgling settlements of Hope County are being ravaged by a gang of raiders called the Highwaymen, and call on a group of specialists who are travelling the new United States rebuilding civilization for help. That's where the player - and a whole lot of violent fun - comes in.

Far Cry New Dawn's Post-Apocalyptic World

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Although Far Cry New Dawn takes place after a nuclear apocalypse, it's not the kind of landscape that players might expect. Gone are the grim greys and browns of the usual wasteland, instead replaced by an environment that is chock full of color.

The world itself plays a major part in this, with nature having reclaimed Hope County with a variety of subtle - and not-so-subtle - mutations to animals. Flowers bloom among the ruins of civilization, while wild boar and cougars roam free across the land. It's less about an old world dying, and more about a new one being born.

It's not just nature that brings color to the land, though, as the Highwaymen have their own kind of vibrancy. The villains of Far Cry New Dawn are fans of bright paint, particularly neon graffiti which covers most of the strongholds in Hope County. It's a nice variation on the well-trod post-apocalyptic path, that's for sure.

Far Cry New Dawn's New Gameplay Modes

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Far Cry New Dawn will likely be familiar to those who have played the series before. Once again it includes open-world shooter combat, with the ability to play in a stealthier manner. However, there are some additions that fans should be aware of.

First up, it's worth mentioning the Expeditions that are available to players. These offsite missions send players off to other locations in the US, showcasing a little more of what's been left behind of the old world. Like the rest of Far Cry New Dawn, these missions are available to play in co-op with a friend.

Aside from that, the biggest thing users will notice is the introduction of very light RPG mechanics. This time around, enemies come in tiers (and with health bars) and the character's weapons also arrive in a tiered structure. It's not a major change, but still one that will make Far Cry New Dawn feel different.

What Characters Are In Far Cry New Dawn?

Far Cry New Dawn Mickey and Lou

Villains always take the main stage in Far Cry, and Far Cry New Dawn is no exception. This time around, twin antagonists Mickey and Lou look set to bring a level of eccentric, volatile evil to Hope County. As the leaders of the Highwaymen, the duo certainly look set to continue Far Cry's trend of unpredictable enemies.

That said, Mickey and Lou will have to share the limelight with a returning face from Far Cry 5. Joseph Seed was the leader of the Project at Eden's Gate, a cult that was terrorizing Hope County before the nuclear apocalypse arrived. Seed clearly survived the events of the end of Far Cry 5, and is set to return after seventeen years in Far Cry New Dawn.

The Father isn't the only person coming back for Far Cry New Dawn, though. Some major support characters from Far Cry 5 will also be back, including Pastor Jerome and the Rye family. As a matter of fact, Carmina Rye, who was born during the events of Far Cry 5, will play a major part in the plot, alongside a new bunch of characters including the mysterious Judge. All will be revealed about their roles when Far Cry New Dawn releases on February 15.

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