Far Cry 5 Does Have Co-op After All

Ubisoft releases a new trailer for Far Cry 5 showing off co-op play for their highly anticipated 2018 shooter game for PS4, Xbox, and PC.

Ubisoft releases a new trailer for Far Cry 5 showing off co-op play for their highly anticipated 2018 shooter. Far Cry 5 is taking a radical departure from previous games in the series, at least with its setting. Moving from the exotic locales of older games, Far Cry 5 is calling Montana, US home, where you’ll be shooting your way through a gun-toting religious cult. One of the early new features showed of the game was a buddy system, akin to companions in RPG’s like Fallout or Dragon Age. You’ll be able to recruit AI companions to follow you around, such as a dog, a pilot, or a sniper.

The system seems like it was made with cooperative play in mind, and a new trailer a few months ahead of its release has finally confirmed that exact feature.

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The trailer demonstrates the co-op feature in action. There’s not much gameplay, but what we do see is the idea of being able to play the game with a friend online. You’ll be able to do all the open world shenanigans you can expect in a Far Cry game, like fishing, camping, and being overwhelmed by the huge number of pop-ups on your map screaming for your attention. At the end of the trailer, we get some shots showing real gameplay of what you can actually expect in the game. There's one player on a machine gun with another covering them, and one on a grappling hook shooting at enemies below.

It’s not that big a surprise seeing co-op in a game like this, though its implementation will be the big question. In Far Cry 3, for example, the co-op mode had its own, original plot. In Far Cry 4, the main plot missions were single player only. A press release from Ubisoft sheds some light on how we can expect the mode to play out:

“All earned experience and inventory items, excluding quest-based items, will carry over following each co-op session. While exploring Montana, each player will see and collect their own loot. However, the host player is the only player who will keep their story progress.”

It’s always great to see co-op in video games, especially open world ones like Far Cry. You can get up to some truly crazy stunts with a friend or even complete strangers. It seems like you can even play the main missions in the game, though only the host will be able to save their progress in the story. While disappointing, it does ensure that one player can’t skip half the game’s plot if they play with a friend.

Given previous games’ excellent writing, especially with their antagonists, chances are you’re not going to want to skip any of Far Cry 5’s plot anyway. It’s a pretty big risk setting a game about causing mayhem and destruction in the United States, pitting the player against a religious cult. It’ll be great to see if Ubisoft can pull it off.

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Far Cry 5 will release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on February 27, 2018.

Source: Ubisoft

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