Far Cry 5 Fan Makes Custom Resident Evil 7 Map

Marguerite in Resident Evil 7

Horror property crossovers are nothing new, but one sadistic gamer has gone and put their own Resident Evil 7 map in the middle of Far Cry 5.

It's already been covered how Ubisoft's expansive game features an IT movie easter egg, in the form of a familiar red balloon. However, the crumbling ruins of the Baker House can also be found lurking in the backroads of Far Cry 5's America. Resident Evil 7 revived Capcom's franchise and reinvented the sheer terror of the Spencer Mansion in a whole new way. This time though, players were sent into the decaying walls of the Baker homestead and forced to do battle with the unhinged cannibals that lurked within.

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For anyone who has got bored of blasting the brains out of the Eden's Gate cult in Far Cry 5 and longs to return to the horror of the bloodthirsty Bakers, why not take a look at the game's expansive level editor? The plotlines of both games sound like they are a match made in heaven, and it seems that user wim_buytaert thinks so too. Uploaded to YouTube (via TheRedTieGuy), fans of the Umbrella Corporation can try out their own playable map that combines the worlds of Capcom and Ubisoft:

As the video shows, it perfectly recreates the start of Resident Evil 7 as Ethan first steps out of the woods and onto the Baker Estate. Complete with eerie swingset, it is a spot-on homage to the house. Sadly, you can't step inside or find any NPC versions of Jack, Marguerite, or Lucas Baker, but wim_buytaert provides a faithful nod to the genre.

Although there was no Albert Wesker and only a hint of Umbrella, Resident Evil 7 cemented itself at the pinnacle of what the long-running series has to offer. Swapping out cinematic cutscenes and dodgy dialect for good ol' fashioned scares, people just couldn't get enough of treading through the grounds of the Baker House. Now, as Far Cry 5 also pushes its own world in a different direction, it seems only right that someone tries and recreate one of 2017's best games in one of 2018's

The level editor - known as "The Arcade" - has already showcased some impressive maps based on the likes of Call of Duty, but there is something uniquely better about Resident Evil 7. Far Cry 5 has an expansive enough main storyline, but once Joseph Seed and his cronies have been put out to pasture, there is still plenty to do in Hope County, Montana. While an official Far Cry/Resident Evil crossover will probably never happen, the map certainly gets fans of both franchises thinking what sort of horror the gaming world would face if Ubisoft and Capcom put their heads together.

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Source: TheRedTieGuy

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