Far Cry 5 Rumor: Set in Montana With September Release Date

A live-action trailer is being shot in Montana for a major game sequel and evidence points to it being Ubisoft's newest Far Cry.

Rumors and reports indicate Far Cry 5 could be releasing this September and that it could be set in Montana. And we wouldn't be surprised at all of another Far Cry coming this year!

Remember when Assassin's Creed was awesome? We do too, before annual (read: rushed) releases ran the franchise into the ground when it came to buzz and a story worth following. The failed movie in December didn't help either but Ubisoft smartly took a year break to do right by fans with the next entry in the series, the recently leaked Assassin's Creed: Origin which is coming this fall.

Far Cry is another major Ubisoft brand that may need a break but may not given the standalone nature for each game in the series. This franchise that made an epic comeback with 2012's game of the year contender (and best game in the series) Far Cry 3. A followup in Far Cry 4 came just two years later and brought fans to another new location but couldn't quite replicate the characters or context around the playable protagonist. But then came an even more rushed entry in the series called Far Cry Primal which was so boring I couldn't even finish it.

This is why is was so interesting last week when Ubisoft France’s official Facebook page posted a Far Cry 3 image with the incredibly teaser-y text “an island we never really left," leading many to believe Ubisoft could be doing some sort of remaster. And it's easy to imagine that game island being the basis for a massively multiplayer survival game in the vein of the currently mega-popular PlayerUnknown's BATTLEGROUNDS. Ubisoft however, clarified to Game Informer that it's just a "throwback post."

So, what's with the Far Cry 5 news?

Vaas in-game model, Ubisoft's Far Cry 3
Michael Mando as Vaas in Far Cry 3

Last week, Great Falls Tribune reported on a live-action shoot taking place in a very specific setting and the producer, Jeff Guillot, revealed that it's for a sequel to "an existing global franchise," which lead some to speculate that it could be for a live-action Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer. Jason Schreier from Kotaku posted on the NeoGAF forums however that it's likely not this game, that developer Rockstar Games doesn't do live-action trailers. He also says it's likely for another big sequel he's heard is set in a location that fits the Montana shoot. Someone in the thread followed up by sharing the rumor that Far Cry 5 would be set in the "American Great Plains states and dealing with militias/survivalists" to which Schreier acknowledged as matching his beliefs. And did we mention that Jeff Guillot also producer the live-action trailer for the last Far Cry game...

And of course, fans following Far Cry series developments for the last few years will remember the survey Ubisoft sent out gauging interest in other ideas including everything from vampires to a Jurassic Park style dinosaur game. Among those ideas was the far more grounded "Spaghetti Western-style tale in late 19th Century America" which totally fits everything above.

With E3 2017 a month away, it won't be long until official assets drop. And if this is another Far Cry, chances of a reveal or more leaks coming sooner are strong!

My idea for a 100+ player arena set on Far Cry 3 location is better than all of this.

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