Far Cry 5: 20 Items That Are Impossible To Find (And How To Get Them)

Far Cry 5 bomb throw

Far Cry 5 took the elements that made the series great and mixed them into a heady Molotov cocktail of action and politics. The story picks up in Hope County, Montana. You play an unnamed junior sheriff who must liberate Hope County from the Project at Eden’s Gate cult, which is fronted by its charismatic leader Jacob Steed. This is done in true Far Cry fashion, as players can liberate areas, explore the game’s huge open world map, and battle against the less-than-hospitable wildlife. Often this would result in the spontaneous destruction that has become the franchise's trademark.

In an already charged series, the game’s mixture of politics and action was controversial and certainly turned heads when it was released. However, this didn’t stop the game from becoming the biggest-selling instalment in the franchise’s history, selling just under 5 million copies during its first week.

Ubisoft capitalized on this success with DLCs that saw players take on zombies, battle during the Vietnam War, and even travel to Mars to stop an alien invasion. Exploring all that Far Cry 5 has to offer can be a dizzying experience, however. There’s a huge amount of side quests, hidden areas, and stunning settings to explore. Hope County is simply a huge, rich landscape to explore.

Luckily, we’ve put together a list to help you find some of the more inaccessible items out there in the county. These include alien weaponry, a U.S. muscle car, as well as powerful animal companions.

Here are the 20 Far Cry 5 Items That Are Impossible To Find (And How To Get Them).

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20 Magnopulser

This piece of alien weaponry can either be used to throw objects around like baseballs or vaporize opponents at close range, as it comes with two modes of attack. Be warned, though - while vaporizing is a lot of fun, your vanquished enemies won’t leave any loot behind, just weapons.

Larry Parker is the mad scientist who you need to find if you want to get your hands on the Magnopulser.

To find Larry, you need to head on over to Parker Laboratories, which is west of Fall’s End. Don’t worry if you don’t see Larry, as you’ll more than likely hear him on your radio before meeting him in the flesh. When you find Larry, you’ll start a side quest mission to get the Magnopulsar.

19 Cheeseburger the bear

Cheeseburger the bear is one of the best animal companions in Far Cry 5 and is available to find near the beginning of the game. Cheeseburger has the advantage of being, well, a huge bear that can easily tear through enemies.

You’ll need to head over to the F.A.N.G centre in Jacob’s region. Once you arrive at the centre – which is really a front – you must take out all the cult members. This will take some time, however, as there are loads of them, wolves, and a helicopter. When that’s taken care off, find Wade Fowler by the centre’s entrance. Talking to Wade will start the quest A Right to Bear Arms. Follow the directions and you’ll soon be able to call on Cheeseburger whenever you like.

18 O’Hara’s Stash

Sometimes the old-fashioned thrills of a fairground haunted house are just what a jaded player needs. Luckily, Far Cry 5 provides. Go to O’Hara’s Haunted Barn, which is inside Faith’s region and east of Eden Fall. Once there, you’ll see the haunted house and a barn. Read the note on the barn door, which will tell you that you’ll find something interesting at the top. You can scale the building by using a box that you'll find to the side.

From the top floor ,you’ll find a power switch that’ll turn the spooky haunted house on. Entering the house will start the mission O’Hara’s Haunted House, which involves surprising well realized staples of fairgrounds, complete with lasers. When you complete the mission, you’ll be rewarded with O’Hara’s stash.

17 A free plane

Far Cry 5 plane

Hope County, Montana is a vast open world. Sure, you could drive around it, but, really, the most efficient and fastest way of getting from location to location is with a plane. Of course, the added bonus of a plane is that you can take out cult members and their property from afar.

To get your own free plane, head north to the furthest reaches of the map.

There, you’ll come to Whitetail Mountains. Past the F.A.N.G centre is Lansdowne Airstrip, which has a locked air hanger. Read the note on the hanger to start the quest Hanger Pains. After that, follow the instructions to book your place behind the cockpit whenever you need it. Before starting the quest, make sure that you have the parachute and grappling hooks perks unlocked.

16 1973 Pygmalion SSR car

Nothing says hero like a muscle car, and Far Cry 5 provides us with the imposing 1973 Pygmalion SSR to complete the fantasy. To get the car, head to McCallough’s Garage, which is to the east of Hope County Jail. Upon arrival, you must deal with the waiting Angels and enter the garage.

There, you’ll find a note cluing you into the location of the Prepper Stash, a locked double door, and a boarded-up door at the back. Smash through the door and hit the switch in the next room, which will cause a car to roll out, revealing a small door. When you get through the doorway and climb over a few boxes, you should find yourself in a bathroom where a keycard is hanging. This keycard should allow you to open the locked double doors. Behind these doors, the 1973 Pygmation SSR will be waiting for you.

15 2012 Kimberlite TCZ truck

To get behind the wheel of the 2012 Kimberlite TCZ truck, you’ll need to head to Sunrise Threshing, which is east of Fall’s End. Once you get there, you’ll find a building without any doors or windows. There’s also a Prepper note on top of some boxes by the building.

How do you get into the seemingly impregnable building? First, you’ll need to find the nearby red truck. Park it next to the building and use it to climb to the structure’s top. There’ll be a hole at the top, so that you can drop down into a yard. Once there, shoot the padlock that locks the yard and head back out to get your truck. Now, use the truck to move the trailer out of the yard. Doing this will reveal a secret hatch leading to the 2012 Kimberlite TCZ.

14 Flight Suit outfit

To be worthy of wearing a flight suit, it only seems fitting that you have to complete a mission that involves being high in the air. Far Cry 5 gives you the outfit after you scale Raptor’s Peak. To start the mission, go to Taft’s Tower at the foot of Raptor’s Peak. There’ll be a few cultists that need to be taken care of, including a pesky VIP. Once the area clear, head to the top of the tower where a Prepper Stash note will start the mission.

From there, travel along the path to the mountain, where you'll be tasked with scaling the mountain by grappling, jumping, and climbing.

At the summit you’ll encounter some climbers fighting off eagles. You'll also find the Prepper Stash containing the flight suit.

13 Molotov - Enhanced Recipe

Far Cry 5 bomb throw

An enhanced Molotov recipe adds a lot to your arsenal, as it allows you to show those cultists the door out of Hope County. To obtain the recipe, head to the Hope County Prison Bus, which is located between Lamb of God Church and Fall’s End. Take out the cultists – be warned, one is a VIP – and then climb in the bus to find a Prepper Stash note.

Near the front of the bus, you’ll see a pipe sticking out of the water. Climb into the pipe and follow it, then turn right and take out the wolverine. After that, head in the opposite direction. From there, you’ll see a bear chowing down on some unfortunate soul. On the bear’s dinner will be a set of keys that will let you access a stash box close to where you took down the wolverine. There, you'll find a potent Molotov recipe.

12 Militia Outfit

Nothing says don't mess with me quite like a militia outfit, and now, thanks to Far Cry 5, you can look like you own Montana. The mission that rewards you with the militia outfit takes place at the Armstrong Resistance, which is located to the east of the Lamb of God Church. When you arrive, you’ll see some cultists who have recently burnt down the resistance HQ. You can take them out, which should be easy, as they’ll be distracted by what's already going on.

After that, you can start the mission by interacting with an NPC or reading a Prepper Stash note on the side of a box. The mission will involve traveling to a nearby house. However, its boiler will explode and a fire will break out. If you navigate through this, the militia outfit and a whole stash of goodies can be found.

11 Gold Medallist weapon skin

Grey can look boring on any weapon - thankfully there’s a weapon skin that gives any piece of hardware a fabulous golden sheen. To obtain it, head south of Rae Rae’s farm until you come to the grain elevator – you can’t miss it, it’s huge. There, you’ll find a group of cultists engaged in a shoot-out with a sniper at the top of the elevator.

One way to get the skin is to take out all of the cultists, including a VIP and sniper, and rescue any NPCs. 

The second way to obtain the skin involves entering the building from the back. Once inside, you’ll need to do some platforming to reach the sniper’s nest at the top of the building. This isn’t without its risks, however, as the building is filled with wasps nests. Disturb one, and it’s game over.

10 Vietnam lighter

You can find a Vietnam lighter in the Elliot residence, which is located south of the F.A.N.G centre. Though the lighter is not the most useful item, it looks cool. First, enter the house. From there, head to the back, where you’ll see a gap in the barb wire that lets you get onto the roof. From there, you’ll find an open window.

Climb in and head to the ground floor of the house, where you’ll find a body with a key card to the bunker. Some cultists will turn up after this, so be sure to take them all out. After that, find the bunker that is marked with a U.S. flag. Once you’ve climbed down the hatch, use the key card to get inside. There, you'll find some goodies, including your very own Vietnam era lighter.

9 Hunter Outfit

Far Cry has always focused on hunting your prey, whether it be human, animal, or a T-Rex in Far Cry 3: Blood DragonFar Cry 5 gives players a new outfit that is all about hunting. To start the mission to obtain the outfit, you must head to the Bridge of Tears, go east from Rae Rae’s farm and cross the large river that passes the farm. There, you’ll come to a small abode by the bridge where you can start the mission.

After dealing with any cultists who are near the bridge, use the zip lines to reach the scaffolding. Next, grapple along the scaffolding until you reach a platform. Repeat the process to get to the next platform. Once there, drop down to the level below. The floor will break beneath you, but that’s okay, as you'll already be at the stash that contains the deer season outfit.

8 Collectibles, Fishing Magazine, & Chinook Salmon

This Prepper Stash mission rewards you with a fishing magazine, but don’t worry - there are many other goodies to grab. The mission can be started from Danksy’s cabin in the Whitetail Mountain region. Follow the signs of battle and you’ll come to a journal. Reading it starts the next part of the mission.

From there, you can follow more stains to a cliff edge, where you’ll have to use your grappling hook.

There will be some ledges and platforms to climb up before you come across a body with a key card. Parachute back to the cabin and use the key card to enter the cabin. Watch out, though, as there will be some enemy combatants around. Inside the cabin, you’ll find the stash.

7 Big Mouth Billy Bass Fish

Far Cry has always included plenty of hunting opportunities. After all, this is a game series that equipped you with a bow and arrow and, at one point, asked you to take down a shark with your bare hands just so you could have some extra storage space. In Far Cry 5, this tradition continues with the ability to fish the rivers and streams of Hope County, Montana.

While most of the fish act similar their real-world counterparts, there’s one that likes to break out into song every so often - Big Mouth Billy Bass. The fish can be found hanging up in a house in Fall’s End. When approached, Billy will promptly warble out some tunes for your amusement. Also nearby is an abandoned haunted house and a Stephen King IT Easter egg, so it's definitely well-worth the trip for those who want to see everything that Far Cry 5 has to offer.

6 Wonder Boy and Old Betsy Fishing Rods

Far Cry 5 fishing

The basic and natural fishing rods are available from the get go in Far Cry 5. However, in order to obtain two other rods - the Wonder Boy and the Admiral - you must complete a few missions first.  The Wonder Boy requires you to complete three missions for a character called Skylar. You’ll find Skylar at Dylan’s Master Bait Shop near the Silver Lake Parking Lot – he’ll be outside in his trailer.

To get the Old Betsy, you’ll need to complete a final mission for Skylar, which you can pick up from Clagett Boathouse. Four missions for two rods might seem like a little bit too much like hard work, but there are walkthroughs to get you angling the Old Betsy in no time.

5 Pennywise's balloon

Stephen King’s novels and the heartland of Far Cry 5’s Hope County, Montana don’t seem like natural bedfellows. However, that hasn’t stopped Far Cry 5 from including a nod to one of King’s most scary creations, Pennywise the Clown from IT.

To find Pennywise’s red balloon, travel to the Hope County Prison bus, which is located to the west of Fall’s End in Holland’s Valley.

Follow the river south and you’ll come to an open sewer with the balloon floating eerily in front of it. It's probably best to turn around and head back the way you came, rather than taking the risk and finding Pennywise nearby – the cultists of Hope County are tough enough without having to worry about supernatural clowns.

4 Boomer the Dog

Far Cry 5 animal companion

Who better to have by your side in Far Cry 5 than a trusted canine companion to help you hunt down cultists and restore Hope County, Montana to its former glory. To make Boomer your loyal sidekick during the battle against Jacob Seed, head to Rae Rae’s pumpkin farm. It can be easily found on your map, as a dog icon will mark the farm’s location. Once there, you’ll start the quest Man’s Best Friend, which involves tracking down some cultists before freeing the poor, mistreated Boomer.

Boomer is a great companion. Not only will he tag nearby enemies for you, but he’ll also occasionally disarm them and bring you the ammo. Even better, he can scare off bears. He's truly man’s best friend.

3 Peaches the Mountain Lion

Peaches the Mountain Lion is an animal companion that helps you perform stealthy takedowns and keeps annoying wolves from turning you into dinner. To add the big cat to your team, go to Peach’s Taxidermy in the northwest of Faith’s territory. Talking to Miss Maple will unlock the mission Here Kitty Kitty.

Obviously, Peaches is no domestic kitty and, because of this, it’s actually quite a challenge to get her on your side. The key to finding and persuading Peaches to follow you back to Miss Maple is to take the animal treats you find at the taxidermy with you. Once you’ve dealt with any cultists, throw the treats down to lure Peaches back home.

2 Cave Paintings

Far Cry: Primal was an unexpected entry in the series, as it allowed players to roam around a prehistoric world, taking on woolly mammoths and predators with nothing more than a stone spear and a bow and arrow. Of course, there are still typical Far Cry missions to do, including liberating towers to reveal the game world’s map.

As a nod to the game, you can view a series of cave paintings in Hope County in Far Cry 5. From Rae Rae’s farm, head south-west until you come across Frobisher’s Cave. Inside, you’ll find a series of cave paintings that reference your ancestor’s greatest adventures. In Primal, cave paintings were a collectible like any other, as players had to find 22 in some hidden areas.

1 Vaas Bobblehead

Far Cry 5’s vehicles are far more customizable than the ones that could be found in previous games. In previous entries, you could usually pilfer and discard your ride with little thought about where the next one would come from. This could result in some long hikes through the wilderness.

One awesome Easter egg that can be found in Far Cry 5 involves Far Cry 3 evil-doer Vaas. In the game, you can obtain a Vaas bobblehead that you can place on the dashboard of your car. Vaas was a particularly memorable villain, as he came across as a crazed frat boy. You can also obtain bobbleheads of Far Cry 4 big bad Pagan Min and Rabbid.


Are there any other items that are difficult to obtain in Far Cry 5? Let us know in the comments!

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