Far Cry 5: Hours Of Darkness Saw The Series Go Full Rambo

Far Cry 5 Hours of Darkness

Far Cry 5: Hours Of Darkness saw the franchise briefly go full Rambo. The original Far Cry was released back in 2004 and followed an ex-soldier named Jack Carver who is stranded on a lush jungle filled with mercenaries. The game's open-world allowed for flexible playstyles, and the franchise would go from strength to strength. Arguably the most popular entry is Far Cry 3, which refined what worked about previous titles while adding some great villains.

The series is also known for its solid spinoff titles, such as Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, which found players in a neon-drenched, 1980s style action movie with the main character voiced by Michael Biehn (The Terminator). Titles Far Cry Primal - which was set in 10,000 BC and thus featured no firearms - have allowed Ubisoft to be a little more creative with the franchise. Far Cry even received a poorly-reviewed movie adaptation in 2008 from director Uwe Boll that went straight to DVD.

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Far Cry 5: Hours Of Darkness is a prequel DLC for the main game, which follows the character of Wendell Redler during his time in Vietnam. When the helicopter Redler and his squadmates are in is shot down, he has to sneak through hostile territory to reach his extraction point. This Far Cry 5 DLC was greeted with disappointment for its short length and adding little to the core gameplay mechanics, but its a solid little campaign that also allows players to live out their Rambo fantasies.

far cry 5 hours darkness bow arrow

Far Cry 5: Hours Of Darkness is a campaign that rewards stealth and patience over blazing gunfire. The bow & arrow is the player's greatest weapon and sticking to the darkness is a must. While it's possible to skip most of the sidequests like rescuing prisoners and just rush to the extraction point, the entire map - including the underground tunnels - needs to be explored to get the most from it. There's also a voice heard over propaganda speakers that taunts gamers in what feels like a nod to The Warriors and adds greatly to the DLC's atmosphere.

While Far Cry 5: Hours Of Darkness is trying to evoke other classic Vietnam movies like The Deer Hunter or Apocalypse Now, it feels like an ode to Rambo: First Blood Part II more than anything. From stalking enemies through the forest with a bow & arrow, rescuing POWs or wreaking havoc with a large M-60 machine gun, Far Cry 5: Hours Of Darkness is a better adaptation of the series than 2014's famously poor Rambo: The Video Game.

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