25 Hidden Locations In Far Cry 5 Only True Fans Found (And How To Find Them)

The Far Cry series has a long, and not always pleasant, history. It was conceived by developer Crytek, who released the first title in 2004 for Microsoft Windows. Far Cry received acclaim for its sand box levels and freedom, while also becoming infamous for hilariously hammy voice acting. Crytek did not pursue sequels, instead going on to create Crysis. Smelling a franchise, Ubisoft sought to produce numerous Far Cry entries.

Fourteen years and four sequels later, the world was introduced to Hope County and the Project at Eden's Gate, a seedy organization led by the charismatic Joseph Seed. Far Cry 5's debut trailer piqued interest and stirred controversy due to its story and setting. Upon release, disappointment was directed at an under cooked plot that failed to live up to its promising potential. However, even most naysayers still heaped praise upon the expansive open world.

Having a playground of destruction is nothing rare for games these days, but Far Cry 5 stands out from the crowd by filling Hope County with meticulous details. To prove this point, the next twenty five entries will highlight areas that many players missed if they neglected to stray from the beaten path during their tenure as the Deputy.

Among the areas presented here are well concealed Prepper Stashes, Easter egg locations, and a few oddities placed by the developers to add a little spice to the world. If any reader found these without assistance, then congratulations on being a true Far Cry 5 master.

So baptize yourself with Bliss, because here are the 25 Hidden Locations In Far Cry 5 Only True Fans Found (And How To Find Them).

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25 O'Hara's Haunted House

Ubisoft isn't afraid to get spooky with their secrets. One of the most horrifying Prepper Stashes is O'Hara's Haunted House. To get there, the deputy must first go to the Henbane River Rail Bridge. Afterwards, the house can be located eastwards, between the bridge and Dead Man's River.

Finding it is only one challenge, as looking for the courage to enter is a whole other feat. The scares awaiting the player mainly come in form of what appear to be animatronics. Look closer, though, and the puppets reveal a darker secret - they are repurposed corpses.

24 Dog Grave

Far Cry 5 Boomer The Dog

One of life's most painful truths is the near certainty that man will always outlive his best friend. Far Cry 5 acknowledges this sad fact, but only to those who snoop deep enough to find it.

Go to a hill northwest of the Hope Country Clinic to find the final resting spot of a beloved K-9. On top of the grave is a bone that vanishes once it is picked up. Next to the burial is a wheelbarrow concealing a hunk of cash. Find a way to move the cumbersome farming equipment and the money is up for grabs.

23 Silver Lake Summer Camp

Silver Lake Summer Camp Map

The word "scat" often brings to mind the soulful improvisations of Ella Fitzgerald and Cab Calloway. This entry, for better or worse, is more in line with GG Allin's tastes.

On Silver Lake's shore, south of Drubman Marina, lies the Silver Lake Summer Camp. A prankster hid a cultist's key in a dog's stomach. Completing the Prepper Stash mission here means locating a key among piles of dog excrement. On the plus side, animal lovers will be bombarded by an onslaught of hounds. These are times to be thankful that TVs don't offer smellavision.

22 Horned Serpent's Cave

Horned Serpent's Cave

In the best open worlds, the environment is a character itself, offering insights the main campaign does not divulge. Horned Serpent's Cave, for example, shows an even more sinister side of the cult, as hard as that is to believe.

Horned Serpent's Cave can be found south of Rock Bass Lake and east of Moonflower Trailer Park. The water inside the cave is fatal, evidenced by the skeletal remains littered about. The Deputy has just stumbled upon Eden's Gate disposal site, where failed followers are eliminated and left to rot.

21 King's Hot Spring Hotel

Liberating outposts is a great way to get more bombastic action from the Far Cry 5 experience. King's Hot Spring Hotel offers something supernatural to those who visit after releasing it from Eden's gate's grasp.

Find the hotel by going to the center of Rock Bass Lake's south bank. The Deputy will be greeted by ominous creaking sounds. The haunting presence is said to to come from the victims of a fatal landslide. Whether one believes in ghosts or not, this diversion is a must visit for anyone playing the campaign.

20 Bright Warden Radon Spa

Bright Warden Radon Spa Map

Some swear by Radon's reported healing properties, but even they can agree that too much is a bad idea. The Bright Warden Radon Spa certainly qualifies as too much gas.

To find the spa and the accompanying cave, go east of the Hope County jail and then follow the Henbane River south. Inside the cave is a Prepper Stash. Completing the side quest means taking a face full of Bliss and some combat, but one shouldn't play Far Cry 5 if they aren't ready to take on some crazy cultists and strong hallucinogens.

19 Two Red Balloons

Far Cry 5 Red Balloon

What could possibly be more horrifying than wandering Hope County's Wilderness alone, hunted by delirious cultists led by an evil false prophet? The answer is doing all that while potentially being stalked by an evil clown. The two red balloons are an obvious homage to Pennywise from It.

The first red balloon can be seen in O'Hara's Haunted House. The second is in a location all on its own. Go east of the crop circle between Lamb of God Church and Rye & Sons Salvation to find a tunnel. The ominous balloon is floating alone at one of the entrances.

18 Mastadon Geothermal Park

Mastadon Geothermal Park Map

No, the members of the heavy metal band will not be found here. The Mastadon referenced in the park's name are of the extinct animal variety. This fun diversion from eliminating fringe extremists can be found by going north of Moonflower Trailer Park and going west once you come to a river.

Travel there with Jesse Black in tow and she will explain how Joseph seed utilizes the lake's boiling water as a particularly evil punishment for his most despised adversaries. There is also a Far Cry: Primal Easter egg triggered by activating a rotary phone in one of the houses.

17 Campsite On Raptor Peak

Raptor Peak does not seem to have anything of note on it. People always miss out on special things if they do not pay close enough attention. This mountain is located north of Rock Bass Lake's eastern side.

Upon reaching the peak, giant eagles will attack. Defeat these and there is a mysterious campsite waiting to be explored. Lying in front of the tent is a lifeless body holding a frying pan. Fans of Valve Software will recognize this as a reference to Left 4 Dead 2 and a character named Ellis.

16 The Father Stinks

One landmark easily seen in the distance is a giant sign that simply displays the word "Yes." It's design is clearly modeled after the famous Hollywood sign, perhaps as a nod to Joseph Seed's narcissism despite his false front of a savior.

Get close enough to the sign and head behind it to see "the father stinks" sloppily scribbled. All forms of resistance are necessary against the powerful cult, from violence to vandalism. As a bonus, the sign can be destroyed as a mission and for some extra experience points.

15 Armstrong Residence

Armstrong Residence Map

Eden's Gate's reign of terror is evident when strolling through Hope County. To find another piece of property that has fallen victim to the evil cult, go to the Lamb of God Church and then turn east. Do this correctly and a burned out house should be there.

This is also the location of a Prepper Stash mission, where some loot is waiting in a bunker beneath the house. If the Deputy travels there with Grace by their side, she will mention that the house that stood there was hers.

14 Inside The Blood Dragon Movie Set

Far Cry 5 Blood Dragon film set

Finding the Blood Dragon movie set is enough of a treat on its own. The Far Cry 3 expansion is perhaps one of the finest DLC's in recent gaming history. In fact, we're still crossing our fingers for a full length Blood Dragon title.

Later in the game, it is possible to revisit the area in order to activate a secret mission. Not only is there a new side quest available, but previously locked off areas of the set are now open. It may only be crumbs, but even the tiniest bit of Blood Dragon is welcome.

13 Davenport Farm

Davenport Farm map

The Davenport Farm is not particularly tricky to find. The innocuous location is just north of the crop circle. People do have trouble, however, actually finding a way into the barn itself.

The doors are locked and there is no discernible entrance to be seen. Most players resort to finding a car to climb on in order to reach the wooden boards near the roof. More conveniently, there is a silo close by that has a ladder. Use the silo to jump on the roof, making for a more convenient entrance.

12 Hours Of Darkness: Plantation House

The series' fifth numbered entry also got creative with DLC. In Hours of Darkness, players are tasked with escaping a war torn jungle in Vietnam. As one would expect, there are a few Easter eggs referencing famous pieces of pop culture that also dealt with the grim chapter of world history.

One such Easter egg is located in the Plantation House in the western part of the map. Descend through the deepest levels of the area to reach a standing bed frame. This, of course, is a nod to Rambo: First Blood Part 2.

11 The Spy's Stash

Far Cry 5 under a bridge

The Bridge of Tears, on the surface, appears to be like any other regular old bridge. The espionage minded will recognize the underbelly of these structures as perfect hiding spots.

The bridge is a short jaunt east from Rae-Rae's Pumpkin Farm. To complete the Prepper Stash mission, the Deputy needs to have already unlocked the grappling hook. Swing underneath the bridge to reach the end in order to find a map with information about the characters and events. Secret locations are all the more sweeter when they expand the game's lore.

10 The Path

Far Cry 5 the pilgramige

The deputy better stretch their legs and pack up plenty of food and water before making a crack at this one. This hidden location is more like several different spots, and it will take a few in game days to see them all.

To start this journey, locate two houses near Angel's Peak. From there, follow a trail of blood to each of the stone tablets that give an unreliable narration on Joseph Seed's life. Catholic readers will recognize this as mirroring the stations of the cross, a ceremony detailing the Jesus's crucifixion.

9 Bigfoot's Cave

Far Cry 5 Sasquatch's Cave

It's not a game set in the middle-U.S. wilderness unless there is some mention of this mythical creature. The monster is not in the game, or at least no one has found it yet, but its dwellings can be discovered.

Far west of Clagett Bay is where Dansky's Cabin lies in wait. Upon arriving, a scream rings out through the land. After some climbing, players discover the cave and a recently deceased Dansky. Since Sasquatch has not been found yet, it is entirely possible that this cave belongs to a different creature or even a feral human.

8 Tweak's Secret Stash

Far Cry 5 Tweak's Secret Stash

The Whistling Beaver Brewery does not pop out to players as a uniquely special outpost. Liberating it is entertaining, but most gamers went on their merry way once the job was done.

Upon closer inspection, though, one will find a secret area hidden beneath the brewery. There is a small opening on the building's west side. Follow it all the way to find what was once Tweak's hiding spot. There is still a beer and a photo of him that he left. Why a photo of himself, though, and not of family or a lover?

7 Prosperity

Far Cry 5 Prosperity

In a game populated with weirdos, Tweak still manages to be head and shoulders above the crowd with his inanity. The chemist's - at least that's a generous name for what he does - bizarre antics are on full display in Prosperity.

This town, found by going south of the road to the east of Hope County Jail, has been abandoned and repurposed by Tweak. He has built obstacle courses, spent times cooking up new chemical recipes, and also placed mannequins everywhere. Be sure to visit the odd ghost town, as there are three side missions available.

6 Lifeless Body With Antlers

Far Cry 5 Wilderness

Far Cry 5's grim scenario means plenty of unseemly sights throughout Hope County, but this one is especially morbid. The cult is known for disposing of its enemies with unimaginable brutality, though, so it is not all that surprising to see.

To see this barbaric display, go to Moonflower Trailer Park in Faith's Region. Then, head east. The unfortunate soul adorned with antlers should be waiting just before the river. The antlers appear to be a reference to True Detective. Should there be trouble locating him, don't worry, he won't be going anywhere.

5 Frobisher's Cave

Far Cry 5 Frobisher's Cave

Despite all of the changes humanity has gone through, traces of earlier civilizations endure eons after their people have perished. Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc Cave in southern France still has artwork preserved from tens of thousands of years ago.

In Far Cry 5, there is a very similar location called Frobisher's Cave. Follow the road next to Rae Rae's Pumpkin Farm south and the ancient site will be there to greet players. The carvings are a small bite of serenity in the haphazard war zone Hope County has sadly become. It's also a shout out to Far Cry: Primal.

4 8-Bit Pizza Bar

Far Cry 5 8 bit pizza bar

Should the player take on Eden's Gate without the help of a pal, the game offers plenty of NPC buddies to assist. Fortunately, each resistance fighter has their own unique personality and they are never shy to add their two cents to any situation.

If the deputy wishes to spend more time with their newly acquired acquaintances, then all they need to do is head to Hope County Jail and then turn west. As the player acquires more helpers, the abandoned pizza joint will grow livelier, and the NPCs even interact with each other in comedic ways.

3 St. Francis Veterans Center

St. Francis Veteran's Center Far Cry 5

This location is so secret that finding it does not even guarantee access. Approach St. Francis Veterans Center typically triggers the Platters' classic tune, "Only You", and a respawn away from the ominous medical facility.

For the glitch oriented players, there is a way to enter the facility. To do this, one must go to a nearby lake and give themselves a strong baptism - so strong that they drown. Fortunately, they do not drown and magically gain the ability to enter the facility. The exploit has since been patched so adventurous will have to find a way to play the game without patches.

2 Ringing Rocks Park

Far Cry 5 Ringing Rocks

Nature has some quirks. For example, there is a place in the world where the rocks talk back when hit. Hope County also has a place where the same phenomenon occurs.

There is a peninsula on the Moccassin River, just west of the F.A.N.G. Center. Among a rock formation is a deck with a sign describing the ringing rocks. The larger area is called Whitetail State Park, a reference to the real world ringing rocks, which are situated in Whitehall, Montana. Fortunately, Whitehall is not home to violent cults with a doomsday prophecy.

1 Firewatch Easter Egg

Far Cry 5 Firewatch

Video games often pay homage their kin in creative ways. The Deputy can stumble upon a tribute to another forest dwelling experience, all be it one that is less violent.

On the northern part of Dutch's island, the first area players are able to explore, there is a location called Johnson Lookout Tower. Head inside to find a phone message directed towards a man named Henry. This is a reference to the indie classic, Firewatch. Could there be a possible Firewatch and Far Cry crossover in the future? Probably not.


Which of these Far Cry 5 locations are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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