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Here's a quick guide to the voice actors and main characters of Far Cry 5. The Far Cry franchise has undergone a strange evolution since the original game arrived in 2004. Far Cry threw players into the shoes of ex-soldier Jack Carver, who has to sneak or shoot his way through a jungle island loaded with mercenaries. The game became famous for its lush graphics and somewhat open-world gameplay, and later received a (terrible) movie adaptation in 2008.

Far Cry 2 also arrived in 2008 but proved to be more divisive than the first game, with its open-world gameplay being praised, but the respawning enemies and gun-jamming mechanic being criticized. It wasn't until Far Cry 3 that the series became a juggernaut, thanks to its fantastic gameplay and memorable villain. Between numbered installments and spinoffs like Far Cry: New Dawn, fans have rarely had to wait long for a new entry since the third game landed.

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Far Cry 5 takes place in Montana with the player character - a mute, unnamed character called "the deputy" - tasked with fighting a doomsday cult called Eden's Gate. Here's a breakdown of the game's characters and the actors voicing them.

Grek Bryk - Joseph Seed

The main villain of the game, Joseph in the leader of Eden's Gate. The game kicks off with the deputy arresting Joseph, which ends badly. Joseph believes God is guiding his actions and together with his family is waiting for a nuclear apocalypse to bring about a new world. Voice actor Greg Bryk recently appeared in Ad Astra and Rabid.

Mark Pellegrino - Jacob Seed

Jacob is Joseph's older brother and an Army veteran. He's the cult's head of security and trains new recruits, and is thought to be suffering PTSD from his combat experiences. Jacob is vicious in his methods, using torture and brainwashing to achieve his goals. Mark Pellegrino is best known for Supernatural and Lost.

Jenessa Grant - Faith Seed

The adopted sister of the family, Faith Seed is one of Joseph's minions in Far Cry 5 and responsible for manufacturing the drug Bliss, which keeps the cult's members in a constate state of... well, bliss, making them easy to control. Faith's actress Jenessa Grant has appeared in The Handmaid's Tale and Tin Star.

Seamus Dever - John Seed

John is the youngest of the Seed brothers and the cult's lawyer. He's something of a psychological manipulator and sadist, cutting people's "sins" onto their bodies. Seamus Dever has acted in MacGyver and Castle.

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Christopher Heyerdahl - Sheriff Whitehorse

The ominously named Sheriff Whitehouse is tasked with taking Joseph Seed into custody and despite his calls for a peaceful arrest, things quickly go to hell. Christopher Heyerdahl voiced Whitehorse in Far Cry 5 and has also appeared in TV show Van Helsing.

Luisa d'Oliveira - Deputy Joey Hudson

Hudson is present to assist in Seed's arrest and later proves to be a valuable ally in the fight against Far Cry 5's Eden's Gate. Luisa d'Oliveira has also appeared in The 100 and Channel Zero.

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