Someone Made The Joker Stairs in Far Cry 5 And It Looks Insane

Far Cray 5 and The Joker

A user on Reddit recreated the iconic staircase from this year's Joker movie in Far Cry 5, and it looks awesome. From the moody lighting reflecting off the railing to the plethora of fire escapes on either side of the frame, this user-created map looks like a near photo-realistic replica of the movie's real life filming location in New York City's Highbridge neighborhood in the Bronx.

Since the release of Joker, the stairs' location has become something of a tourist attraction, with numerous fans showing up periodically to take pictures of themselves dancing on the steps. Although Far Cry 5 takes place far, far away from both the Joker film's real world location and fictional setting of 1980's Gotham, that hasn't stopped one player from bringing the two franchises together.

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Posted to Reddit by user duncsmaps, the Joker stairs reportedly took over an hour to build in the Far Cry 5 map editor, but by looking at the final image one could be forgiven for thinking it took much, much longer. Creator duncsmaps even posted a time-lapse video to YouTube showing how the map was created, proving that all it takes is an idea and a lot of skill and patience.

This isn't the first recreation duncsmaps has done in Far Cry 5's game editor, either. Earlier this year the player created a near-perfect replica of Walter White's house from Breaking Bad in Far Cry 5, a map which had so much detail there was even a pizza included on the roof. Even as recently as a month ago, duncsmaps revealed a 3D representation of the Voodoo Swamp from The Curse of Monkey Island and a beautiful recreation of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time's Forest Temple entrance hall.

Although there has been much controversy surrounding Joker, the title has done surprisingly well at the box-offices, especially considering reports which suggest its small budget was meant to ruin the movie during production. With users going out of their way to visit locations from the film both in real life and in video games, Joker has clearly made some sort of a cultural impact since it's release. Since no video game based on the film has been announced and most likely never will, fan recreations offer players the closest possible substitute, and judging from everything level artist duncsmaps had made so far, there is no limit to what can be recreated in Far Cry 5's map editor.

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Source: Reddit/YouTube

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