Breaking Bad Fan Makes Walter White's House in Far Cry 5

Breaking Bad house pizza on the roof of the house episode

Breaking Bad fan has recreated Walter White's house using Far Cry 5's map editor, and the virtual reproduction is a dead ringer for the genuine article. Complete with even the pizza Walter threw atop the roof in anger, the Far Cry 5 version of the house that meth built is nearly indistinguishable from the real-life house exterior featured in the acclaimed TV show.

Breaking Bad ended more than five years ago, yet the show's most infamous scenes are still going strong in popular memory. Normally the chilling scenes in which Walter proclaims, "I am the one who knocks," and, "I won," as his corrupting alter-ego Heisenberg come up when the show is mentioned, but only one on-screen gag continues to command the same level of attention so many years after the fact. In the second episode of season 3, Walter is turned away when he comes home with a pizza by his wife Skyler, who has just uncovered his double life as a manufacturer and distributor of crystal meth. Walter flings the box aside while storming away and leaves a large pepperoni pizza on the roof of his garage in the process, and an internet meme was instantly born. From an amusing nod to this beloved series moment down to the house's light switches, garden hose, and bricks in its planters, this digital replication of the White family home exterior attends to the smallest of details.

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Redditor duncsmaps uploaded their creation to the r/gaming subreddit on January 7, receiving more than 25 thousand upvotes in eight hours. The scene was built entirely in Far Cry 5's incredibly intricate Arcade Editor, a tool that allows players to craft unique maps on which others can play a number of game modes. However, duncsmaps and others have discovered that the editor can also be used to produce high-fidelity vignettes of real locales, as well as the settings of popular media franchises.

According to duncsmaps, this Breaking Bad-inspired piece took four hours to make, and they documented its creation in a 2-minute time-lapse video, which can be seen above. Though the map excludes the house's interior and lacks some exterior features like the swimming pool, the creator says that adding each "is absolutely possible," noting, "I have actually considered going back to this one and adding the interior, as well as the swimming pool in the back so that the entire scene is basically an explorable set from Breaking Bad."

Having previously made equally impressive scenes from the Harry PotterThe Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones series in Far Cry 5, duncsmaps' revisitation of Walter White's home coincides in a timely manner with the Breaking Bad film lingering on the horizon. Set to star Aaron Paul, who will reprise his role as Jesse Pinkman, the film may tie up the Better Call Saul spin-off prequel series when it eventually hits theaters. Also recently announced was Far Cry: New Dawn, the post-apocalyptic sequel to Far Cry 5. If the hyper-realistic scenes like the ones duncsmaps and other creators have generated in the Far Cry 5 Arcade Editor are anything to go on, players of the new entry can expect to continue running-and-gunning in pop culture's most instantly recognizable locations well into the future.

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Source: duncsmaps/Reddit

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