10 Fantasy Shows To Watch On Netflix While You Wait For GoT To Come Back

Jon And Daenerys in Game of Thrones season 8

The final season of Game of Thrones is almost here which is both exciting and a little depressing for fans. While we wait for April to watch the final season, there are some series on Netflix that can help fill that time and distract fan from the agony of waiting. While none of these shows are exactly like Game of Thrones, they each have some similarities, and there is something on this list for everybody.

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From more traditional fantasy to sci-fi fantasy and more, we’ve collected 10 fantasy shows that can be watched on Netflix right now while we wait for the return of GoT.

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Merlin from BBC's Merlin
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Merlin from BBC's Merlin

Merlin is a new take on the classic tale of King Arthur. This television show is a more traditional fantasy meets mythos but with a fresh perspective. Merlin tells the story of the warlock when he is young as he meets young prince Arthur. This show also has romance and adventure. For fans looking for a more traditional fantasy with some twists, Merlin will help scratch that itch. There's also a new Merlin adaptation in development... but it's been there for quite a while, so don't hold your breath for more.


For fans who like their fantasy with a little bit of horror, Penny Dreadful is the perfect choice. This show is a little bit like Once Upon a Time in that it has many well-known characters from classic literature and horror such as Dorian Gray and Frankenstein (and is named after the 'penny dreadful' novels of the Victorian age that featured them). Penny Dreadful also features witches, Victorian England, and Eva Green playing the lead character. This television show is a bit different to Game Of Thrones, but the fantasy elements and mystery are perfect for GoT fans.

8 THE 100

The 100 is another show that mixes genres and does it well. Similarly to how Game of Thrones is part historical fiction, part drama, and part fantasy, The 100 is a mash-up of fantasy, sci-fi, and apocalyptic teen drama. This show begins when teenage criminals from space have to return to Earth to see if it is habitable again. This show has romance, strong female characters, and many intense elements that will catch audiences off guard. Plus, there are five seasons so it can keep anyone busy for a while.


The Shannara Chronicles is a TV show based on the popular book series by Terry Brooks. This show is based on heroes who live in a place called the Four Lands and must try to stop a demon army from destroying the world. Like many fantasy stories, The Shannara Chronicles is about young people who are exceptional and have to save the world from evil. For those who love more Tolkien-inspired fantasy, this is the perfect series as it features elves, humans, magic, and more.


The Magicians is a popular fantasy show meant for young adult audiences. It’s sort of like Harry Potter but there’s a lot more sex, drugs, and drama. For those who love the dramatic aspects of Game of Thrones (and of course, the magic!), The Magicians is a good choice. The show features a group of young magicians at Brakebills Academy and is based off a book trilogy by Lev Grossman. The Magicians also features a diverse cast and lots of strong female characters.


The Tudors on Showtime

This isn’t a fantasy series per se. Instead, The Tudors is historical fiction that is about the early years of King Henry VIII’s rule of England in the 1500s. The series tells the salacious tale of Henry’s relationships with Anne Boleyn and Catherine of Aragon.

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For fans of Game of Thrones who are all about the dresses, the intrigue, and the royal drama, The Tudors is a good option. In addition, it even stars a Game of Thrones alum: Natalie Dormer.


While this show isn’t exactly fantasy, but it does have a lot of elements that Game of Thrones fans can appreciate. The Last Kingdom is more historical fiction, but Game of Thrones often feels like historical fiction even if it’s not. The Last Kingdom follows Uhtred, a warrior who, along with his love and friend Brida, goes on a quest to reclaim his home from the Saxon army. For those looking for battles, war, and adventure, The Last Kingdom will meet that need with some sword-swinging fun.


Ksenia Solo in Lost Girl

For those looking for a fantasy series that’s a little sexier, Lost Girl could be a great choice. Game of Thrones definitely has a lot of sex and Lost Girl is also a series that has a lot of romance and sexuality. In Lost Girl, Bo learns that she is a succubus -  meaning she feeds on the sexual energy of humans.

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This show details her journey to figure out who she is and how to control her urges. If you like traditional fantasy and horror with a twist, you’re going to enjoy Lost Girl.


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In this series in the DC TV universe (aka the Arrowverse), a rogue who can time travel sees the future and that doom and disaster is on the horizon. He has to recruit heroes and villains in order to keep the planet from being destroyed. Legends of Tomorrow is a mix of many genres including fantasy, drama, and crime. For fans who think they might love bisexual ex-assassins leading a team of interesting and unique heroes and villains through space, this is the show to watch.

1 Supernatural

Supernatural might be a bit of a commitment to watch between now and the Game Of Thrones premiere, as it's been on for so many seasons. However, that doesn't mean it's not worth the watch, and there is definitely a reason that Supernatural has made it to fourteen seasons (so far). With lots of action, supernatural characters, and horror, this show has dramatic elements as well as humorous ones. Supernatural is the perfect show to binge watch while waiting - if there's a lot of free time to binge, that is!

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