10 Fantasy Novel Series That Could Be Great TV Shows

Beginning with the titular Outlander, this time-traveling romance series follows protagonist Claire Randall. She begins the story in Scotland in the 1940s, just after World War II, where she and her husband are investigating some family history. After a pagan ritual near some standing stones (a la Stonehenge) goes awry, Randall is whisked away to the 1700s, wherein she meets a swashbuckling captain who bears an uncanny resemblance to her future husband.

Outlander and its sequels stress historical fiction and romance more than strict fantasy, but if its fervent fans are any indication, there' more than enough room in the current TV schedule for its like. Gabaldon doesn't skimp on the sultry details (shifts and bodices go flying with remarkable regularity), and there's plenty of alpha males and despicable villains to keep the story clipping along.

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