10 Fantasy Novel Series That Could Be Great TV Shows

Harry Keogh sees dead people. In the modern United Kingdom that could be a problem, but the protagonist of the Necroscope novels uses it to his advantage, discovering that the dead are generally okay folks. They teach him the skills he'll need to solve his mother's murder, fight a growing menace of vampires and necromancers, and affect the growing operations of ESP-ionage on the world stage.

With over a dozen novels roughly coinciding with real-world time, there's a lot of material to cover for aspiring writers and producers. This is a series that's not afraid to throw spies, psychics, sorcerers, vampires and mathematical formulas for teleportation into the mix - and that's just in the first novel!  Later novels go even further down the fantasy path, including adventures set in twisted vampire realms, inter-dimensional wars, and conflict on both sides of the life and death divide. With the complex and multi-faceted world of the novels, a rich continuity rivaling the likes of Doctor Who is not out of the question.

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