Fantastic Picture Of The Wolfman

I know that The Wolfman isn't getting a lot of Screen Rant love. It should. Why?

Well, it is a remake of the 1941 Lon Chaney movie - which you should see!!!

It stars Benicio Del Torro and Anthony Hopkins.

It's written by Andrew Kevin Walker of Seven fame.

The make up effects are by the genius that is Rick Baker

Finally, if you continue, you will see a freakin' fantastic picture of The Wolfman in all his glory that has just been released by Entertainment Weekly!!

The site also included a brief interview with Baker, who when asked what fans could expect from this new film, replied:

"You never know how the movie's going to be, but from what we've done so far, which, mind you, hasn't been very much, what I would say to fans is that at least you know that the guy who's doing the makeup in the movie is coming from the same place they are — as a fan. I have a real appreciation for the old Universal classics. The old fanboy in me is jumping up and down here!"

This film is really starting to heat up.

Am I feeling any Wolfman love yet?

The Wolfman is released on February 13, 2009.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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