The Fantastic Four Are Finally Returning To Marvel Comics

It's finally happening: the Fantastic Four are returning, with some of Marvel's top talent writing the relaunched Fantastic Four comic.

In 2015, comic book fans were shocked to learn that Marvel were canceling the ongoing Fantastic Four comic. It fell to long-time FF scribe Jonathon Hickman to bring the team to an end; 2015's Secret Wars event saw the team literally responsible for the recreation of the Multiverse. Reed and Sue left to explore the Multiverse, with Ben and Johnny remaining on Earth. The Fantastic Four were a thing of the past.

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Of course, these are comics, and no ending lasts forever. Today, Marvel has announced that the Fantastic Four are at least returning. Series writer will be Dan Slott, fresh from his decade-long run on Amazing Spider-Man. He'll be joined by Sara Pichelli, a phenomenal artist best known for her work on Ultimate Spider-Man. These are two of the top talents in comics today.

The news won't exactly be a surprise to Marvel Comics-watchers. Last year saw the company launch Marvel Two-In-One, sending Ben and Johnny on an inter-dimensional quest to find Reed and Sue. Since then, Marvel has announced a "Fresh Start" that seems to involve a heavy appeal to nostalgia. The Fantastic Four are one of Marvel's best-known properties, created back in 1961, and they've been sorely missed by Marvel fans. It's no surprise to see "Fresh Start" bring the FF back into play. Meanwhile, regulators are currently deciding on Disney's proposed purchase of the bulk of 21st Century Fox. Should they green-light the deal, the Fantastic Four will enter the MCU. No doubt Marvel Comics see another opportunity to synergize comics and movies.

The creative team is particularly exciting, though. Slott has worked on Amazing Spider-Man for the past decade, and is also known for a tremendous Silver Surfer run. "Fresh Start" seems to involve Slott stepping up, becoming Marvel's new lead writer; he's already confirmed to headline Invincible Iron Man.

Update: Here's the cover, teasing the return of Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Thing, and the Human Torch reuniting this summer.

Slott is no stranger to the cosmic and interdimensional sides of the Marvel Comics Universe. One of his most famous Amazing Spider-Man arcs was "Spider-Verse," a trans-dimensional event that united every Spider-Man ever. Meanwhile, he worked closely with Michael and Laura Allred on a critically-acclaimed Silver Surfer run that came to a tragic close last year. A skilled storyteller, Slott has already demonstrated that he has what it takes to craft cosmic tales with heart. In this case, he's working with Sara Pichelli, a tremendous artist whose close collaboration with Brian Bendis gave Marvel some of their most successful titles. Pichelli is no stranger to the cosmic, either, and is loved by fans for her time on Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Fantastic Four's return may have been inevitable, but with this creative team, the comics are very promising indeed. As Marvel Twitter put it:

Update: Title changed from "Marvel Universe" to "Marvel Comics" to be more specific.

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