'Fantastic Four' International Trailer: Invisible Woman & Human Torch Take Flight

Fantastic Four Reboot Japanese Official Trailer (2015)

Fox's Fantastic Four reboot remains a big "X" factor (mutant pun) in the summer 2015 movie season, with director Josh Trank's (Chronicle) new vision of Marvel's first family still largely unknown. The first Fantastic Four trailer was really just more of a tease, introducing thematic concepts about science, discovery, and obligations of the young generation as the backdrop to this superhero origin.

It's pointless to even pretend that Japanese Fantastic Four trailer above shows much of anything new in the way of footage or insight - it is, after all, just the domestic trailer with a new climax. However, that climatic action scene is definitely worth talking about.

The Fantastic Four domestic trailer climaxed with an iconic scene of the team standing at what looks to be some kind of portal or rift (perhaps to the strange dimension that first gave them their powers?). In this Japanese trailer we get to see something a little more action packed - and telling.

Fantastic Four Movie Reboot Team (2015)

The scene seems to take place within the alternate dimension (judging from the strange terrain and/or physics), as we view two bright balls of energy (eventually revealed to be people) hurtling through the air, and even through giant obstacles like floating rock masses. It seems pretty clear that the figures are Johnny Storm/Human Torch (Michael B. Jordan), and Sue Storm/Invisible Girl (Kate Mara).

Check out still images of the Storm kids in action:

Fantastic Four - Human Torch & Invisible Woman Flying

Fantastic Four - Human Torch & Invisible Woman Flying_2

Fantastic Four - Human Torch & Invisible Woman Flying_4

Fantastic Four - Human Torch & Invisible Woman Flying_5

Fantastic Four - Human Torch & Invisible Woman Flying_3

Sue Storm's abilities have long had a loose interpretation within Marvel Comics mythos. At first it was mainly turning invisible and being able to make invisible constructs; however, over the course of decades, the variation in how these powers are used (or what new additions they've gotten) has allowed Sue to do anything from simulating flight and telekinetic abilities, to pulling off clever or devastatingly powerful feats of power (making things explode, crushing impossible barriers, etc).

Kate Mara Talks Fantastic Four Reboot

In various comics, Doctor Doom has eluded to the idea that Sue is, in actuality, the most powerful of the Four - despite often being considered the least so. Judging from the footage in the Japanese trailer, it seems Sue will have no trouble living up to her potential in this version of the mythos; she's smashing through those asteroids faster and more powerfully than Johnny and his flame powers can navigate around them.

Fantastic Four Reboot - Human Torch vs Invisible Girl
Human Torch vs Invisible Girl in 'Fantastic Four' (2015)

The Storm siblings (and their differing races) have been a major talking point as this reboot has gone through production. When House of Cards star Reg E. Cathey was cast of Professor Storm, it became clear that some kind of step or foster care situation would likely be at work, and the domestic trailer further indicated at a setup where Sue, (either as a step or adopted sister) has more of a connection (via science) to Prof. Storm than his actual son Johnny (a gear-head) does.

Johnny (Michael B. Jordan) and Sue Storm (Kate Mara) in Fantastic Four (2015)
Sue and Johnny - Reconciliation?

As you can see above in that domestic trailer still, the Storm kids seemingly have some superpowered sibling rivalry to work out during the film. The climatic scene in the Japanese trailer seems to indicate that, when the world is on the line, Sue and Johnny do indeed come together to save the day.

That's all SPECULATION, of course - or perhaps more of an educated guess. All in all though, it seems the family ties and connections will be better explored and well-earned in this reboot story.


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Fantastic Four will be in theaters on August 7th, 2015.

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