'Fantastic Four' Poster & Banner Provide Better Look at The Thing

Fantastic Four Trailer - The Thing Rock Cocoon

Fox's Fantastic Four reboot still sits on a bubble of opinion that could pop under it at any moment - despite the first trailer at least showing off some potential for a fresh vision of the superhero team.

However, "different" doesn't always mean "better," and there are admittedly a LOT of variables still unexplained in Fantastic Four. Besides the backstory and powers of Toby Kebbell's Doom, the other big question mark has been this reboot's depiction of Ben Grimm, aka The Thing.

Fantastic Four Trailer Photo - Ben Grimm Baseball

For those who don't know, in this reboot Ben Grimm is still Reed Richard's childhood friend, but since the film is drawing from the Ultimate Fantastic Four comic book series of the 2000s, Ben (played by Jamie Bell) is presumably a jock who used to protect his nerdy friend growing up. After traveling to an alternate dimension and being altered by its energy, Ben becomes the rock monster known as The Thing.

Unlike the 2005 Fantastic Four film, The Thing will not be an actor in prosthetics and makeup, but will instead be created through the use of CGI. A few months back, a photo from the set leaked, depicting what was alleged to be the bust of the Thing. Today, thanks to El Mayimbe of Latino-Review, we have an official look at what the thing will look like:

LOOK! IT'S THE THING! BEN GRIMM! #Repost @albertoheineken26 ・・・ #Me #LastNight #Cine #Cinepolis #Multiplaza #Poster #Fantasticfour #Comingsoon #SoExcited

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Thanks to the official Fantastic Four poster, we can get a clearer look (CLICK FOR LARGER SIZE):

Fantastic Four Movie Reboot Team (2015)

Personally speaking, it seems like director Josh Trank and his visual effects team have utilized modern film technology in order to create a convincing depiction of The Thing. Of course, we still haven't seen that much from the film, so how The Thing moves and emotes will be the two biggest points of scrutiny. Whether in high-pitched action scenes or slower character scenes, CGI motion-capture performance takes some skill from both VFX artist and performer; hopefully something special came together when creating The Thing.



Fantastic Four Movie Reboot Poster (2015)

Fantastic Four will be in theaters on August 7th, 2015.

Source: El Mayimbe & Fox

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