With all the hype surrounding Marvel Studios projects like Iron Man 3 and Guardians of Galaxy – or DC/Warner Bros.’ Man of Steel and (possible) Justice League team film – it can be hard to remember that Fox is also rolling out its own slate of shared universe superhero films.

The Wolverine has yet to enter its big marketing push, while X-Men: Days of Future Past is still locking down cast members by the day. With Fox’s shared X-Men universe not yet on the radar of most moviegoers, Chronicle director Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot could be considered a pipe dream. However, with today’s news, that pipe dream is quickly taking some very real shape.

Kick-Ass and Ultimate X-Men creator Mark Millar is “Godfathering” Fox’s shared Marvel universe – much in the same way Joss Whedon will guid Marvel Studios’ “Phase Two” initiative until it reaches Avengers 2. We’ve long chronicled (no pun) Millar’s habit of ‘pre-emptive speaking,’ but the writer is now taking to Twitter to drop some news that is hard not to consider “official”:

Vaughn, is of course, the man who made Millar’s Kick-Ass comic book into a cult movie hit, before graduating to blockbuster superhero success with X-Men: First Class. The notoriously finicky writer/director/producer was lined up to helm Fox’s First Class sequel, Days of Future Past, but ultimately left that project in the hands of Bryan Singer (who ironically enough was going to direct First Class before leaving it to Vaughn).

Vaughn has also stepped away from the upcoming Kick-Ass 2, leaving that project in the hands of Cry  Wolf  director, Jeff Wadlow. For a minute it looked like Vaughn was directing Star Wars Episode VII – but with J.J. Abrams confirmed for that director’s chair, the plan to adapt Millar’s The Secret Service comic book still seems to be Vaughn’s most likely new directing gig. He has been a solid shepherd when it comes to taking ideas from the comic book page to the big screen – and though this announcement that he’s producing the new Fantastic Four raises more questions than it answers (what WILL his level of involvement be?), just seeing his name attached to the project will thrill many fans of his previous work  – or those fanboys/gals just hoping for good Fantastic Four movie.


Fantastic Four Future Foundation Costumes 570x397 Fantastic Four Reboot Snags X Men Director Matthew Vaughn as Producer

Director Tim Story’s mid-2000s adaptation of the iconic Marvel comic (including a sequel film featuring the Silver Surfer) left many, many fans cold; conversely, Josh Trank’s Chronicle – a low-budget hit about normal humans transformed into super-powered beings by alien influence – left many clamoring for the director’s next project. Millar and Trank have both opened up about the big things being done for the FF reboot, and how the Fantastic Four and X-Men could even share the screen somewhere down the line.

There’s still a lot to be figured out (like that big issue of casting a new FF), but with Matthew Vaughn onboard helping to make the calls alongside Trank and Millar, it seems that – for now – Fantastic Four  is in the right hands (if any hands besides Marvel’s could be considered “right,” that is). 


Fantastic Four will be in theaters presumably sometime in 2015.

Source: Mark Millar’s Twitter

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