Kate Mara Promises 'Grounded' But 'Different' 'Fantastic Four' Reboot

Kate Mara Talks Fantastic Four Reboot

If Fox's choice of Josh Trank as the director of Fantastic Four didn't convince you that the studio was taking the franchise in a bold, new direction, then the announcement that Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Bell and Kate Mara would play Marvel's first family surely did. Jordan's casting was notable as being a decisive switch from the comics where Johnny Storm/Human Torch is white. Likewise, Mara's casting as Sue Storm/Invisible Woman was also a little surprising for some people as she's his sister and is white.

The casting, however, is more of a sign that this Fantastic Four is seeking a different caliber of onscreen talent, falling in line with its different interpretation. Unlike previous Sue Storm, Jessica Alba - best known for her work in a slew of rom-coms and as exotic dancer Nancy Callahan in Sin City -  Mara has earned acclaim for her dramatic chops with roles in House of Cards and American Horror Story, making her a good fit for a more serious, perhaps darker take on the Fantastic Four.

Which, subsequently, is something producer Matthew Vaughn and Teller  - who described this FF as "very grounded" -  have touched on already.

Recently, while promoting her latest film, Transcendence, to IGN, Mara was asked for an update on Fantastic Four and again mentioned its "grounded" tone:

"Well, I don't know very much about it, which is weird but true! Umm, all I know is that it's going to be a very different take on the film, which people may not expect . I'm not really familiar with the comic books...I picked up a few when I got the part. I think we're making a very grounded version of a superhero film. I trust Josh Trank's vision as I was a huge fan of 'Chronicle.' "

"Grounded" is a term we hear a lot these days, but what it actually means can differ from project to project. A superhero film that's been described as grounded can either be low-key in its approach and low-budget in its production like Trank's Chronicle, or it can be a bit bleak and washed-out like Zack Snyder's Man of Steel. With Trank at the helm, FF likely leans more toward the former.

Kate Mara House of Cards season 2 episode 1

Mara was also asked about whether or not she's had a costume fitting for her role as the Invisible Woman, and she implied that she isn't even sure she'll have a costume. This, if true, would be a surprising development, but would surely fit in with any attempt at making the team appear more grounded.

However, seeing as their costumes are designed to work specifically with their powers - for example, The Human Torch's costume won't burn when he's on fire - it's tough to imagine they'll simply have a wardrobe of power-friendly clothing. Then again, maybe so! This Fantastic Four is supposedly a bold, new take after all.

When you hear Fantastic Four will be a "grounded" approach, do you imagine that means no costumes, no team name, et cetera, or simply a darker, more serious tone? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


Fantastic Four is scheduled to open in U.S. theaters on June 19th, 2015.

Source: IGN (via JoBlo)

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