‘Fantastic Four’: Simon Kinberg Talks Reboot Footage

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20th Century Fox and director Josh Trank’s (Chronicle) reboot of The Fantastic Four has been at the center of many a discussion for various reasons: the casting, which some felt was not in line with the original comics; the origin story of the characters and how much it draws from the books; as well as the overall tone of the film, which Miles Teller (Mr. Fantastic) and Kate Mara (Sue Storm) referred to as “grounded” while Michael B. Jordan (Johnny Storm) called it “gritty.”

Now, as Fox and Trank are preparing to begin promoting the film (which will premiere in theaters in a summer alongside The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Jurassic World, and Terminator: Genisys, among other blockbusters), The Fantastic Four’s writer/producer Simon Kinberg said they are most concerned with debuting the footage that will most emphasize the different tone of the reboot.

In an interview with, Kinberg said he doesn’t know when fans can expect to see footage from The Fantastic Four, but that they’re currently working on putting it together. He said that the tone and the voice of the reboot are the first thing they want to debut to fans through the footage.

Read Kinberg’s full quote:

“We’re putting it together now, and one of the important things, because this ‘Fantastic Four’ is a reboot, and is such a different tonality and vibe from those other films, we want to make sure that the first thing we put out really expresses the voice of the movie, and isn’t compromised by not having visual effects ready, or anything like that."

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Additionally, Kinberg said he’s seen all the footage from the reboot and that it’s very different from the previous Fantastic Four movies as well as other superhero films. Fans can expect an “emotional” and “character-driven” movie:

“I don’t actually know when it’s coming out, but I’ve seen all the footage from the movie. I was there for pretty much the whole shoot. It is a very different film from the others, and one that I think is very different from other superhero movies. It’s a very emotional, character-driven, more grounded film than I think people are anticipating.”

Given the number of superhero movies in Hollywood over the past decade alone - in addition to the previous films about the team of superheroes - it may be difficult to believe Fantastic Four will offer a new experience, but it is possible. In fact, since Fantastic Four will undeniably be compared to the previous films as well as other tentpole superhero movies, one of its major challenges is differentiating itself from the pack, which it seems Kinberg and Trank have acknowledged and attempted to overcome.

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Apparently, The Fantastic Four’s method of doing so is to offer a “grounded” and character-centric story. Though terms like “grounded” and “gritty” have taken on their own meaning when talking about superhero media (one that may initially deter some fans), these descriptors paint the picture of a movie that takes itself more seriously. Whether that means, in the case of Fantastic Four, the film will take itself too seriously remains to be seen.

Despite all the words and phrases used to describe Fantastic Four reboot by Kinberg and the stars of the film, we won’t know the real tone or what to expect from the final movie until the first preview footage is released - and we don’t know when that will be.

Fantastic Four premieres in theaters August 7th, 2015.

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