Fantastic 4: Vin Diesel is the Thing to Zac Efron's Human Torch in MCU Fan Trailer

Zac Efron and Vin Diesel in Fantastic Four

A brand new fan trailer imagines Vin Diesel as Thing and Zac Efron as Human Torch in a rebooted Fantastic Four film starring John Krasinski as Mr. Fantastic and Emily Blunt as  Invisible Woman. While the MCU is still reeling from the lasting repercussions from Thanos' success in Avengers: Infinity War, some fans are already gearing up for the imminent arrival of Marvel's First Family in the franchise as seen in this latest fan edit.

Fan created content is the norm nowadays with loyal followers coming up with their own headcanons, artworks, and trailers. And considering Fox's failed attempts to bring the Fantastic Four into the big screen, the foursome has been a popular subject for these fan-made materials. Now that the premier superhero team are finally back in the comics, people are taking this as a sign that it's only a matter of time before they return on the big screen as well.

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In anticipation of that, YouTube content creator stryder HD came up with a mock trailer for a rebooted Fantastic Four film. Starring real-life couple, Krasinksi and Blunt, who are also most fans' picks to play Reed and Sue Richards, the two and a half minute-clip also imagines Diesel (who already voices Groot in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies) as Thing and Efron as Human Torch. Looking at the comment section of the video, people are loving the edit. Check out the trailer below:

Fans won't have to wait that long before a rebooted Fantastic Four make its way on the big screen with the Disney and Fox merger expected to be official sometime next year. The move will result in Marvel Studios getting the rights back of the separate Marvel characters that have been with Fox for quite a while now. That includes the X-Men andMarvel's First Family alongside their tie-in characters. For a time, fans weren't sure whether or not the Fantastic Four would be part of the deal considering a small but significant caveat; luckily, it was eventually confirmed that they are part of those coming home to Marvel.

So far, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige remains mum on their plans with regard to the Fantastic Four (or the full roster of characters they're going to manage for that matter), but it's safe to say that unlike the X-Men series, which has several critically-praised films in their portfolio, the Fantastic Four will be a total reboot. How they'll fit in the existing MCU lore remains to be seen but they're definitely going to play a huge role in the franchise moving forward, meaning they'll finally get the spotlight that they so deserve. One can argue that there's more pressure on Marvel Studios to deliver a great Fantastic Four film than a mutant-centered one considering the previous poor takes on them. Fans will have to wait to get a better picture on how the foursome will factor in the MCU once plans for Phase 4 and Phase 5 come to light after Avengers 4 hit theaters next year.

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Source: stryder HD

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