The Fantastic Four's [SPOILER] Gets a Whole New Power

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Warning: Minor SPOILERS for Invisible Woman #3

Marvel's first family, the Fantastic Four have their fair share of amazing superpowers... but the team just added a NEW one to their roster (and it might actually be the most potentially badass out of them all). In the newly released Invisible Woman #3 readers are shown that even for a superhero, having a daughter who's even more brilliant than Tony Stark can have its benefits.

Most Marvel fans will know that Sue Storm's 'invisibility' powers come from her ability to bend light--a seriously open-ended ability when you consider the uses. Now, Sue has taken them one step further: using her mastery over the way light behaves around her, she's able to darken her skin and hair color, changing her appearance completely. Not bad for a secret agent.

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The Invisible Woman series from Mark Waid and Mattia de Iulis follows Sue as she goes undercover as a spy for the United States Government. In the latest issue she finds herself tasked with infiltrating a high society party, meaning a disguise is called for. With a quick adjustment of how her body is interacting with the light around her, Sue gives a quick change of her skin and hair pigment to fool the best of them. She even lowers her voice a tad (although she admits this is mostly just for fun).

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As she changes her look, Sue laughs to herself as she reveals how Valeria and her have been experimenting with this new ability. Not only on her own appearance, but apparently on her teammates, too. For now she may only be able to concentrate enough to make The Thing's stone as pink as what's underneath, but could this new power allow her to create illusions to distract and deceive her enemies? If so, this could be a major leg up for the Fantastic Four! While she may not get the most dramatic action, Sue Storm's Fantastic superpower is only getting more impressive. It all started with just invisibility, but now includes force fields, powerful air attacks, and the ability to turn other things invisible (besides herself). With the addition of light manipulation to change the appearance of things (and people), the possibilities seem endless.

Now fans will have to ask if mastering this ability earlier could have helped prevent some of the Fantastic Four's biggest losses, too... But until then readers can pick up their own copy of the issue, and find the full credits and plot synopsis below:

  • Invisible Woman #3 (of 5)
  • Written by: Mark Waid
  • Art by: Mattia de Iulis
  • Cover by: Adam Hughes
  • Super hero-turned-spy Susan Richards is tracking her former partner across the world. If her invisibility and force fields don’t help her find him in time, they’re both headed for execution!

Invisible Woman #3 is available at your local comic shop, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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