John Krasinski and Emily Blunt Should Lead Marvel's Fantastic Four

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What An MCU Fantastic Four Needs To Be

Figuring out what exactly the MCU Fantastic Four will be is tricky. They won't arrive until Phase 4 at the earliest, and there's no telling how exactly the Marvel landscape will look after the next two Avengers films. Given that Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 are being touted as the culmination of the MCU, many are preparing for radical changes to take place, including deaths of beloved heroes and possibly even a restructuring of the very fabric of the MCU's continuity. Simply put, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be a very different place when Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, and Benjamin J. Grimm take up residence in the Baxter Building - but it's exactly why the Fantastic Four will be needed.

The Fantastic Four can, fortuitously, serve as a mirror to the Avengers of old: like Tony Stark, Reed Richards is a super genius who celebrates science and ingenuity, but without the relentless narcissism (though he does adopt the name "Mr. Fantastic"); Ben Grimm is a more personable mighty monster than the Hulk; Sue Storm brings none of the messy backstory of Black Widow and would compliment Captain Marvel as the MCU's most prominent superheroines; Johnny Storm would be the enthusiastic face of the MCU's superhero youth movement that includes Spider-Man and, hopefully someday, Ms. Marvel as well. But it's not just mirroring that's needed - it's development.

What Krasinski's Fantastic Four Would Offer The MCU

A John Krasinski Fantastic Four film could be two things the MCU needs at its core: a romance and a family. The Avengers are the centerpiece of the MCU, but their story is of disparate personalities coming together, breaking apart, and reassembling out of sheer necessity. Many of the Avengers, like Captain America and Bucky, share unbreakable bonds, but they are at best a found family, not a true family. Krasinski and Blunt together as Reed and Sue - whether they're already married or the film depicts their courtship - would provide that solid romantic foundation missing from the MCU. After all, romance is something Marvel's films have struggled with. Krasinski and Blunt could be the centerpiece romantic couple and the heart of the shared universe.

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As a director, Krasinski's intelligence and flair for comedy would also elevate Fantastic Four beyond the hackneyed sitcom slapstick of Tim Story's films and Josh Trank's failed attempt at equating superheroes with body horror that audiences soundly rejected. And that may be what makes them an ultimate pick: John Krasinski and Emily Blunt together as Reed Richards and Susan Storm are an easy sell to audiences and can convince the mainstream that this doomed movie franchise is worth a third attempt.


It's still quite a wait until Marvel's First Family joins the MCU, but the best people to play the leads and a talented director for Fantastic Four are right in front of us.

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