'Fantastic Four': Josh Gad to Play The Thing? Josh Trank Denies Rumor

Josh Gad from 1600 Penn

There have yet to be either any official casting announcements and/or details script revealed for 20th Century Fox and director Josh Trank's reboot of the Fantastic Four movie franchise, though we're at a point where that may change any day now. Trank is expected to begin filming his superhero project in Louisiana by the end of March for a June 2015 release date, and potential Mr. Fantastic actor Miles Teller recently indicated that actual casting news shall be arriving soon.

Curiously, before now we'd gotten unverified reports about possible names for each of the Fantastic Four team except for Ben Grimm (a.k.a. The Thing). The Shield alum Michael Chiklis played the role of Ben - whose super-powered transformation results in him becoming a giant rock-like creature - back in Ride Along director Tim Story's F4 movies from the aughts, while more recently the character has been voiced in animated form by Fred Tatasciore on The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoon series. is reporting that Josh Gad is Fox's top choice to play The Thing in Trank's F4 reboot, claiming to have gotten the scoop from "casting circles close to the film." Gad, as it were, is starting to breakout as both an actor and writer; besides having voiced the likable snowman Olaf in Disney's hit animated musical Frozen last year, he's also scripting the Twins sequel Triplets and slated to co-write/star in a modern film take on the 1960s sitcom Gilligan's Island.

Ana, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven in Frozen
Josh Gad voiced Olaf the Snowman in 'Frozen'

However, before you (over-)react either way, it's worth noting that Trank has already responded to this particular F4 casting story:

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