Rumor: Fantastic Four 'Kids' Movie is a Revised Kindergarten Heroes

The Fantastic Four

A new rumor suggests that an in-development Fantastic Four film is actually a revised version of a completely different story. To be more exact, it seems that the project began as a film adaptation of Mark Millar's unpublished work, Kindergarten Heroes.

 20th Century Fox owns the rights to two major Marvel properties, X-Men and Fantastic Four. While their X-Men movie franchise has experienced a great deal of success, Fox has only released three Fantastic Four films, with the first being in 2005. The third film, directed by Josh Trank, was a reboot that was released in 2015 only to become a critical and commercial failure. Fox had scheduled a sequel ahead of time, but these plans were eventually scrapped and producer Simon Kinberg has since said that he is uncertain about the Fantastic Four series' future.

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Back in June, rumors emerged that a "kid-friendly" version of Fantastic Four had entered development at Fox. Now, "involved sources" have told Bleeding Cool that this new Fantastic Four film was originally intended to be Kindergarten Heroes, a movie based on a story written by comic book writer Mark Millar. Millar's Kindergarten Heroes was an unpublished children's book about superheroes, drawn by Curtis Tiegs.  Though the book never saw the light of day, in 2013, Millar made a successful pitch to Fox, who had Independence Day: Resurgence writer Carter Blanchard handle the script.

Franklin and Valeria Richards, the Kids of the Fantastic Four from Marvel Comics

Though Kindergarten Heroes never officially moved forward at Fox, it appears that a version of it could make it to the big screen under the Fantastic Four name. What we know about the rumored film is that it will reportedly focus on Franklin and Valeria Richards, the children of Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman, and will also feature at least two members of the original team: the Human Torch and the Thing. There has so far been no mention of Franklin and Valeria Richards' parents.

It's unclear how heavily Mark Millar is involved in the project, if he is at all. Millar served as a creative consultant for Fox's X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises and was also a writer for the Fantastic Four comic book series, as well as a co-creator for the Ultimate versions of the Fantastic Four, giving him plenty of history with the characters. Many of Millar's other comic book stories have been adapted to film, including Kick-Ass, Civil War, Old Man Logan, and The Secret Service. In fact, Millar's Ultimate Fantastic Four was used as the inspiration for the 2015 F4 film reboot.

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Source: Bleeding Cool

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