'Fantastic Four' Clarification: Not Based on One Specific Comic Story

Fantastic Four Kate Mara Clarification

Although Fox has been planning the upcoming reboot of The Fantastic Four since 2009, the new franchise didn’t start gaining traction until Josh Trank (Chronicle) was hired to direct in 2012. Aside from the discussion of whether it’s too soon to reboot the characters, The Fantastic Four production has been rife with controversies. Between the casting choices (specifically Michael B. Jordan as the Human Torch), the script, and the manner in which Marvel has handled Fantastic Four, Fox’s upcoming superhero flick is no stranger to the online fan debate - in publications and comments sections alike.

Most recently, the reboot’s very own Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman, Kate Mara, was at the center of a media maelstrom after a partial interview with Esquire Latinoamérica concerning Trank’s The Fantastic Four surfaced online yesterday.

Though Mara said many controversial things within the short interview - including admitting she's not a fan of comics but rather comic book movies - the major takeaway was that Trank, along with co-writers Simon Kinberg (X-Men: Days of Future Past) and T.S. Nowlin (The Maze Runner), would not be pulling inspiration from the comics for their Fantastic Four reboot.

EW reached out to Mara’s representative for clarification of the quotes that circulated yesterday. The actress said she told the reporter from Esquire Latinoamérica that “the film is not based on one comic, but rather drawn from the entire canon.” The other major players involved with The Fantastic Four - Fox, Trank, Kinberg, and Nowlin - have remained silent on this particular issue.

Fantastic Four Kate Mara Clarification Sue Storm

Mara’s amended comments about The Fantastic Four most likely fall more in line with what fans were expecting from Fox and Trank’s reboot. As our own Kofi Outlaw pointed out in his analysis of the Esquire Latinoamérica interview, Marvel’s Fantastic Four is not a financially successful comic book series.

But, while Trank may not be pulling a storyline directly from the not-so-popular comics, it also wouldn’t make sense to completely alienate the built-in fanbase (read: guaranteed ticket sales) for the upcoming film - no matter how few in number they may be.

So Mara’s clarification -- essentially that the film will pick and choose from the Fantastic Four canon in order to (hopefully) make the best movie possible -- makes a lot more sense and should give even F4 superfans hope.

Fantastic Four Kate Mara Clarification Not One Comic Story

With so much comic book canon at their fingertips, few (if any) of the Marvel films - from Marvel Studios, Fox, and Sony - have stuck strictly to their source material. Whether these movies are successful (or not) because of, or in spite of, their deviation from the books is debatable, but it’s not a new practice in the least.

No matter how many rumors surface concerning the inspiration behind Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot, we won’t be able to judge the finished product until it hits theaters next year.


The Fantastic Four will be in theaters on June 19, 2015.

Source: EW

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