Fantastic Four Fan Poster Teases Ultimate Avengers 4 Idea

Fans continue to hold out hope the Fantastic Four will be brought into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and this fan poster for Untitled Avengers will make everyone want it more. Fox has continued to try to bring Marvel's first family to the big screen properly, but cannot seem to get a handle on what people desire. The first two films in the early 2000s were far too campy, which resulted in Josh Trank's grounded version in 2015. Fantastic Four was supposed to kick off a new franchise with Hollywood rising stars like Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell, and Michael B. Jordan (whom Marvel Studios has since added to Black Panther), but instead left the studio wondering what the future holds.

Ever since the film's release and the financial, critical, and behind-the-scenes disaster became clear, the majority of fans have been waiting for an announcement that the Fantastic Four have moved to be under Marvel's control - similar to the deal with Sony for Spider-Man. Kevin Feige may say that's not currently being discussed, but that isn't stopping this fan poster from bringing to life a popular fan theory.

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Redditor TheKosmicKollector shared on Imgur their fan made poster for Avengers 4 that would reveal a deal had been made in secret and the Fantastic Four will join the fight against Thanos. The design is incredibly clever with the blue suit material and white emblem replicating the team's suits, but also infuses the MCU branding by using the design of the Avengers "A" as a model for the 4. It works exceptionally well and is the perfect example of a teaser poster for the fourth Avengers film that would take the fan community by storm.


As game changing of a reveal as this would be, it appears to just be wishful thinking at this point. Not only has Feige and everyone else at Marvel Studios continued to say over the years that them getting back the rights to Fantastic Four is something that hasn't been discussed and is very unlikely, but the most recent rumor states Fox has a new idea for the property. The rumored idea for a third big screen iteration takes the focus off of Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm, and instead turns the attention to Reed and Sue's children in an attempt to make it more kid-friendly this time around.

That is strictly a rumor at this point and could wind up being a decoy to actual discussions taking place, but there is little if any evidence to point to Marvel Studios getting the Fantastic Four. Even though it would make for a great reveal and give them a fitting introduction in Avengers 4 and what would likely be a big part in Phase 4 and beyond, this homecoming is not as likely as the one Spider-Man is experiencing. This will not stop hopeful fans from remaining optimistic and further rumors of a deal happening, all we know is if this poster was real, there'd be at least four more reasons to be excited for Avengers 4.

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Source: Imgur

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