Former Disney Artist Reimagines Fantastic Four

Is Marvel Teasing the Fantastic Four's Return?

Former Disney artist Jason Pastrana reimagines the Fantastic Four. Pastrana served as a concept artist for the Mouse House from 2015-2017. Due to the Disney/Fox deal, Marvel’s First Family will eventually make their debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although the team hasn’t been mentioned in reference to Phase 4, it has been confirmed that a Fantastic Four movie is in development.

This won’t be the first attempt to bring the team to the big screen. Tim Story’s Fantastic Four hit theaters in 2005 and though it wasn’t exactly critically acclaimed, the movie was popular enough to warrant a sequel. The next iteration came in the form of 2015's much-maligned Fantastic Four. Director Josh Trank was so unhappy with the film that he has gone so far as to redact it from his filmography. With none of the three movies being particularly well-received, comic fans are hoping that Marvel Studios will finally be the ones to render a more faithful adaptation.

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This piece by Jason Pastrana imagines what the next live-action version of the Fantastic Four could look like. It’s an epic image that highlights every member of the team, though the Thing is most prominently featured. While viewers have quite a while to wait before seeing the Fantastic Four return, it seems that even those within the industry are excited by the prospect.

Fans are anxious for any news about the Fantastic Four entering the MCU, but they’ll be waiting until Phase 5 for the team’s debut. With Marvel’s First Family set to appear eventually, there are exciting opportunities for them to interact with the other superheroes in Marvel Studios’ cinematic playground. Much has been made of Spider-Man no longer being a part of the MCU moving forward, and with good reason. The webslinger also has close ties to the Fantastic Four in the comics, so it’s a shame he won’t be swinging by the Baxter Building sometime in the future.

While the X-Men have had some amazing highs and crushing lows during their time at Fox, many feel the Fantastic Four have yet to be properly adapted from page to screen. Marvel has proven time and again that they understand these characters better than anyone. The studio has a major gift for pitch-perfect casting and they have very carefully laid the groundwork for the MCU every step of the way. It’s likely that when the time comes for the Fantastic Four to finally make their return to the big screen, it will be a triumphant one.

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Source: Jason Pastrana

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