What About Spider-Man?

With all this talk of Fantastic Four and X-Men at Fox, you must be asking: why isn't this affecting Spider-Man? That's a different beast entirely. Spider-Man is Marvel's most important solo character, and by all accounts, Marvel is a little tighter with Sony than Fox. Sony also seems to coordinate release dates with Marvel Studios, taking turns hosting the opening weekend in May (like this year).

That's probably why there were at least talks - however preliminary they may have been, even if it ultimately went nowhere - to include the Oscorp Tower from The Amazing Spider-Man movies in The Avengers.

There are also rumors lately - thanks to The Amazing Spider-Man 2's lukewarm critical and financial responses, and a tweet from Hollywood screenwriter Max Landis (Chronicle) - that Spider-Man can still factor into the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe in some way.

Max Landis Spider-Man Tweets

Those Tweets were immediately deleted.

Comic writer/artist Rob Liefeld, creator of Marvel's X-Force series and the characters Cable and Deadpool, seems to think something like this will eventually happen, as well. This of course is 100% his own opinion, and he does not currently work for Marvel or Sony.