'Fantastic Four' Character Videos: Josh Trank Discusses Casting Choices

Josh Trank's upcoming reboot of the Fantastic Four film franchise seems to be in an odd place, where Twentieth Century Fox needs to start marketing but seems unwilling to part with much information or footage. This may be due to a desire for secrecy on Trank's part, but it means that so far what we know about the movie mostly comes down to frequently repeated buzzwords like "gritty," "grounded," "realistic" and "humanized."

Considering the fact that the Fantastic Four is a superhero team made up of a guy who can stretch his limbs, a big orange rock monster, a guy who lights himself on fire and flies around, and a woman who can turn invisible and create forcefields, there's probably a limit to how realistic Fantastic Four can be. With that said, the trailer certainly gave off a very serious vibe.

A new set of character featurettes about Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm offer very little insight into these characters, instead focusing on the actors that play them (Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell) and how they got the roles (spoiler: they auditioned). There's no new footage shown and some of the trailer footage that is shown has to be played in slow-motion because there's so little of it that it can't fill even a fraction of a 30-second featurette.

— Fantastic Four (@FantasticFour) April 4, 2015

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