Fantastic Four 2 Trailer: Cool If You Don't Think About It Too Much

So the quicktime versions of the Fantastic Four 2 trailer are out (or Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer if you're feeling more dramatic). I'm pretty sure that at the least it will be better than the first FF movie, but as I read elsewhere, that wouldn't take much.

At first glance it was pretty cool... I always enjoy watching Johnny Storm in flying sequences, and his admiration at the Silver Surfer's ability to go through solid matter was fun. However the ridiculousness of Johnny being able to keep up with and even catch the Silver Surfer seemed a bit silly to me. SS travels through space at what one would assume hyperlight velocities, yet this guy who's made of fire can catch him? Unless the Surfer was just in the mood for a game of cat and mouse, that seemed pretty dumb to me.

At least they made up for it by having him take Johnny into space where the flame would go out, and there did seem to be some classic Kirby poses worked into the Silver Surfer flight scenes, which was cool to see.

What concerns me is that we have the same writers and director on this one that we had on the first film, so how can the quality be any better with the same team? Of course I'm sure it will be a fun popcorn flick and any scene containing Jessica Alba will no doubt make any shortcomings of the film irrelevant to the average young male movie viewer. :-)

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