Kate Mara 'Would Be Really Happy' to Return For Fantastic Four 2

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Although 20th Century Fox has an ongoing Marvel Comics-based franchise in X-Men, the movie studio has had less success with Marvel's first family, the Fantastic Four. Following two movies in the mid-'00s based on the characters, Fox attempted to reboot the franchise in 2015 starring a younger cast and bringing Chronicle director Josh Trank on board. However, in addition to highly publicized reshoots and discord behind the scenes of the film, Fantastic Four opened to bad reviews from both critics and fans alike.

In the wake of Fantastic Four's poorly received opening, as well as its lack of box office success, Fox removed the planned sequel from the release schedule and there has yet to be any forward momentum on Fantastic Four 2. Still, some of those involved in Fantastic Four have voiced their desire to return to the franchise; Reed Richards actor Miles Teller said he "would do another one." Plus, now Kate Mara, who played Sue Storm, has also chimed in with her desire to return for a sequel.

In an interview with IGN promoting her new film, Morgan, Mara was asked whether she would like to be involved in the Fantastic Four sequel, if it were to happen. The actress responded:

Oh yeah, I’d love to be a part of a Fantastic Four sequel or whatever they may or may not have in store for us. I know that all of the guys feel the same way, we love working with each other and we would love to actually play these characters in another way somehow in the future. I have no idea if that’s actually true, if that will happen, but I would be really happy to do it.

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Mara's new comments fall in line with what she previously said about a Fantastic Four sequel, saying she "would love to play Sue Storm in a movie that everybody loves." These comments echo Teller's sentiment that the cast worked well together and were interested in portraying new, interesting versions of the Marvel superheroes. Additionally, Michael B. Jordan, who played Johnny Storm, spoke earlier this year about his positive experience on the set and that he would return to the character if asked.

However, earlier this year it was rumored that Fox was open to potentially bridging the gap between the X-Men/Fantastic Four and Marvel Studios' broadening cinematic universe. Considering the deal struck between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures following the poor reception of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, there's precedent - albeit extremely recent - for talks between film studios concerning superhero universes. Additionally, if Fox and Marvel were to go the same route, it would potentially mean re-casting the Fantastic Four - or needing to implement some sort of explanation, such as a multiverse.

That said, Avengers: Infinity War co-director Joe Russo has downplayed these rumors, so it's unclear whether Marvel fans will get to see the Fantastic Four and X-Men share the screen with the Avengers. Still, earlier this year X-Men and Fantastic Four producer Simon Kinberg said they're working on figuring out the sequel. As of now, Fantastic Four 2 is still without a release date and it remains to be seen whether Fox will move forward with the series or go in a new direction.

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Fantastic Four 2 currently has no release date.

Source: IGN

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