Fantastic Four 2 Is Rated PG

Is the pendulum finally swinging the other way? For the longest time action movies pushed the PG-13 envelope, doing razor thin trims until they just barely escaped the R-rating and slid in to theaters as PG-13 for those lucrative teen and preteen dollars.

Now I hear from /Film that Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer has gotten a PG rating! I did not expect that at all... I had assumed it was a given that it would get a PG-13. Very surprising as far as I'm concerned.

I guess if you remove all foul language and any sexual innuendo, a superhero movie can actually get a PG-13 rating. My guess is that the violence in the film is of such a non-specific and fantasy nature that it was able to qualify for a PG. What was even more striking to me is that in a related story, the Wachowski brothers are planning on the upcoming Speed Racer movie being G-rated!

Do I smell the start of a trend here?

Now personally I don't think a G-rating will stick for the Wachowski movie, and actually I think they may be shooting a bit low on the rating. I think Speed Racer would actually be better and do better at the box office as a PG than as a G film. But is a PG for FF necessarily a bad thing? I don't think so. I've always considered the Fantastic Four to be one of the "lighter" superhero comics and I think the movie could easily work as a PG. Now that doesn't mean that it will be a good movie... remember: The same team created this one that created the first very weak film.

However, unlike my pals over at /Film, I'm not horrified at the idea of a PG Fantastic Four movie. :-)

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