Fantastic Beasts: 11 Reasons To Be Excited For The New Harry Potter Movie

We can hardly contain our excitement over the fact that a new Harry Potter film has been recently announced! Following the announcement, fans quickly begun speculating what a third film in the Fantastic Beasts series could mean for the characters, the plot, and the questions we still have about the Grindelwald plot.

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A new Fantastic Beasts film promises increased stakes, more beasts, and more amusing Newt and Tina moments. As we get closer to the final showdown between Dumbledore and Grindelwald, we find ourselves buzzing with anticipation and theories over what the next Fantastic Beasts film has in store for us.

11 Getting To See More of Newt's Creatures

Let's be honest. Though we love Newt, Queenie, Jacob, and the rest of the gang, the true star of these films are the beasts themselves. Seeing these magical creatures in their natural/simulated habitats and watching them interact with each other and the wizards that approach them is the most rewarding part of this series.

Though we have gotten to see several fantastic beasts from Newt's traveling case so far, many fans believe that the series is placing too much of a focus on Grindelwald and not enough on the creatures which it was named after. Hopefully, the next (and following) films in the series include far more fantastic beasts than the previous two combined!

10 Understanding Just How Grindelwald Did It

Fantastic Beasts Gellert Grindelwald

We know that Grindelwald managed to seduce a majority of the wizarding world and convince them that his plot was the best way of doing things; however, it is never really explained why. While we can assume that some people were truly evil and genuinely believed in the core of his message, the sheer amount of numbers that he amassed hints at the fact that he appealed to a rather broad audience.

The second film in the franchise shows the different techniques that he employed to manipulate different people but seeing how he managed to turn such a large portion of the wizarding world over to the dark side sounds like a rather interesting story and one that we are eager to see play out before us on the big screen.

9 Slowly Working Towards A Happily Ever After

Though our happily ever after is a long ways away, just knowing that we are slowly working towards it is a rather rewarding thing. We know that Newt survives long enough to have children due to information we have received about the post-Hogwarts lives of the Harry Potter gang, so we do not expect to lose him anytime soon.

However, we know nothing about the fates that await the majority of the rest of the cast. Though things will, undoubtedly, continue to get much darker before they get lighter again, it is exciting to know that each film brings us closer to the happy ever after that these characters so desperately deserve.

8 Seeing Different Parts of The Wizarding World

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Extras

Though it was truly wonderful to explore the UK in the original Harry Potter series, it has been a true delight to be able to explore the rest of the wizarding world through the Fantastic Beasts franchise.

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Starting in New York, the series has taken us from America to France so far and recent filming location announcements have hinted that the next film may explore warmer locals. Seeing different parts of the wizarding world and exploring how international wizards go about their daily lives has been truly fascinating and we hope to continue to explore the rest of the world in the rest of the series.

7 More Of Tina Snubbing Newt

Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Though we are excited to see Newt and Tina finally get together, it has been fun seeing Tina snub Newt along the way. And since we are expecting there to be three more films in this series, we can expect that the creators aren't going to let these awkward yet lovable characters get together until the series is near its conclusion.

While we wait for these two to eventually get together, we are expecting several more moments of animosity between the two and some choice scenes of Tina snubbing Newt and his salamander eyes.

6 Exploring A Different Side Of Magic

Fantastic Beasts movie main cast

In the original Harry Potter series, we explored magic in a rather basic way. The main characters were still relatively new to the artform, even by the end of the series, and the magic we experienced was in a controlled and educational setting (for the most part.)

But the wizards in the Fantastic Beasts series are adults for whom magic has become another part of their daily lives. Their magic is organic and subtle. It is truly fascinating to see the ways that magic blends into their daily life and how wizards get by in the real world.

5 It's A New Harry Potter Film

There once was a time where we thought that our journey in the wizarding world had reached its end and that no further content would be released from this series that changed and shaped so many of our lives. And, thankfully, that time has reached an end.

For the Fantastic Beasts series is bringing us oodles of wizarding world content and Rowling is more active within the community than ever before! The mere fact that this film will be expanding the official canon of the wizarding world is something to celebrate!

4 More Jacob Moments

Dan Fogler in Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of Grindelwald

It would be fair to say that Jacob is one of the best things about the Fantastic Beasts franchise. Not only is he an intriguing and well-written character who exhibits both strength and bravery in unconventional ways, but he is also an utter riot.

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Though we are very glad that he was not simply reduced to the role of comic relief, it is worth noting that his comedic moments are some of the funniest moments in the series. And, as the content darkens as we follow the rise of Grindelwald, that comedy is going to become far more necessary than it ever was before.

3 Getting Closer To The Biggest Wizarding Battle Of All Time

The epic battle between Grindelwald and Dumbledore was mentioned several times in the original Harry Potter series and was truly built up as being one of the biggest wizarding battles of all time.

So naturally, we are incredibly excited to get to see it for ourselves. Now, this battle will not show up in the series until the final film of the franchise (as franchises tend to prefer going out with a bang) but another film down means that we will be one film closer to finally seeing said battle first hand!

2 Finally Getting Some Canon LGBTQIA+ Content

Fantastic Beasts Dumbledore Grindelwald Mirror of Erised

It was truly very cool when Rowling originally announced that Dumbledore was written as a gay man. At the time, the only LGBTQIA+ characters that existed in the media were typically used as punchlines, dramatic twists, and were over-the-top stereotypes that, honestly, were a tad insulting. Having a character in a central role in a major franchise who acted as a father figure and who did not exist in a stereotypical fashion was truly groundbreaking.

But times have changed and fans have begun wondering if this announcement is ever going to be realized in film or if it will simply exist outside of official canon. The next film in the series provides the perfect foundation for such things to be explored, so we can only hope.

1 More Retro Wizarding Content

Colin Farrell as Graves in Fantastic Beasts

The costumes, the sets, the hairdos, and the old-timey slang! There is just something about the retro setting that truly vibes with us. Sure, exploring the wizarding world in a modern context was fun. But seeing how the wizards blended in with our own history is truly something else.

The retro setting adds to the other-worldly nature of the film while also adding a bit of glamour to an otherwise rather dim situation. The retro setting also adds to the thematic nature of the film and allows viewers to explore themes of prejudice and idealism in a way that is familiar to our own history while still remaining in a fantastical setting.

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