10America's Wizarding Candy

Ron and Harry

Can you get a chocolate frog in New York? That is the million dollar question. Much has been made lately by Rowling of the differences between the wizarding world in England and America, but what does this mean for our magical candy? A particularly joyous part of

the wonder of the books, and especially the movies, was finding out what treats our favorite wizards got to indulge in.

Despite the lackluster response to no-maj (America’s word for muggle), this is a quite fun opportunity for the filmmakers to bring both old and new fans onboard through new culinary inventions. Maybe they can even build off of candies of the ‘20s; many of our favorites of today actually emerged from this era, such as the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, Milky Way, and Milk Duds. But then again, perhaps it’s better if Rowling, the creator of Cockroach Clusters and Fizzing Whizbees, continues to think a little bit weirder. Either way, despite the tumultuous events previewed in the trailer, hopefully there’s still time to eat.

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