Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them: The 10 Most Extraordinary Beasts, Ranked

Though Newt is a wonderful character, the beasts themselves are the real stars of the movies and books. Let’s review some of the coolest ones.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is an extension of the magical world of Harry Potter. The movies focus a lot of attention on magical beasts and the man who knows the most about them.

Newt Scamander, a wizard studying magizoology, finds himself in prickly predicaments with opposing wizards. In his adventures, there is always a magical beast incident that shows his true bravery and knowledge about the creatures. Though Newt is a wonderful character, the beasts themselves are the real stars of the movies and books. Let’s review some of the coolest ones.

10 Niffler 

A clear fan favorite from day one is the Niffler. The little fluff ball steals the spotlight in the first movie. Nifflers are biologically wired to be attracted to shiny treasures and often expensive items. If you lost a piece of jewelry, a Niffler would be the perfect solution to finding it. However, if not kept under control, the Niffler can be a pest.

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In the movie, we see Newt’s Niffler stealing from multiple people in the bank. Apart from being clever little boogers, the Nifflers are adorable. Their fur varies from black to brown and is curly a soft, giving them a cute huggable look. 

9 Doxies

Doxies have made an appearance in quite a few of the wizarding world films and games. They have had makeovers a few times, but in the current Fantastic Beasts version, they are dark brownish-black in color. They have an extra set of arms in the middle of their bodies and are closely related to fairies.

Unlike typical fairies, doxies sport a shiny and darker wing. They are sometimes known as biting fairies because of their teeth and general disposition. They have two rows of fangs that emit venom.

8 Boggart

Potter-heads all know what Boggarts are. They have been mentioned numerous times in the franchises and have been in close combat with the main characters before. The beast hides in dark secluded spaces, waiting for its prey. Boggarts are often used to teach students Defense Against the Dark Arts. 

It is unknown what the Boggart in its true form looks like, but researchers assume it takes the shape of a dark blob or mist. Other times, when the Boggart is visible it takes the shape of the viewer's deepest fear. 

7 Bowtruckle

The Bowtruckle is featured a lot in the first movie. Newt makes a deal with someone to keep quiet about them being there in exchange for his Bowtruckle. The Bowtruckle has its feelings hurt, but Newt reveals to it that he never had any intention of actually giving it away.

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The creature is a green stick-like animal. It can easily blend and camouflage against trees. It has very branch-like features but looks like a more whimsical praying mantis.

6 Kappa

The Kappa is a phenomenal beast. It is a scaley Japanese water demon. The original concept design of the Kappa is slightly different from the version we got in the movies, but overall the distinctions are the same and the outcome in the movie is wonderful.

The demon strangles humans that invade their shallow watery homes and feeds on blood. It has an opaque scalp that looks like water swishing around in its skull. They are classified as dangerous because of their aggressive traits.

5 Fwooper

The Fwooper is an interesting creature from Fantastic Beasts. It is a brightly colored bird. Its feathers come in a variety of colors that could include any combination of magenta, bright green, orange, or yellow.

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For the bird to be sold to an owner a license must be obtained because of the nature of its song. If a person listens to the song of a Fwooper it will drive them to insanity, so it must have a charm placed on it to remain silent. The Fwoopers feathers make wonderful quills because their feathers are so beautiful.

4 Nundu

Nundu in Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

The Nundu is a large beast that resembles a big cat creature. It is similar to leopards and lions in stature. In appearance, it has a spikey mane and long tusk-like fangs.

According to legends paired with its stealth and supposedly venomous breath, it is the most feared creature in the magical world. However, Newt keeps a Nundu in his briefcase, so the possibility of its breath being so deadly it could kill an entire village is largely exaggerated. 

3 Demiguise

demiguise fantastic beasts and where to find them

The Demiguise is a cute creature that looks like a cross between a sloth and a monkey. They are harmless but very tricky to capture.

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They have the ability to turn invisible and hide. They also have psychic abilities and can predict the future. The only way to make them return to their natural form is to do something unpredictable. Demiguise fur is very sought after because its silky mane can be spun into invisibility cloaks.

2 Diricrawl

This magical creature is the muggle equivalent of the Dodo Bird. Many Muggles spotted it, but the bird can transport itself from one location to another rapidly, so Muggles assume it's a mythical bird. Its skill works in a similar manner to apparation.

The Diricrawl appears to be a chunky medium-sized flightless bird. In the movie, the bird is a pink and blue color. It is also flightless.

1 Graphorn

Graphorn mother and young in Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

One of the more dangerous creatures we see Newt with is the Graphorn. He keeps a pair of them and their baby in his briefcase. He saved them from extinction and hides them in his case to protect them.

The most prominent feature of the Graphorn’s appearance is its horns. The horns are sharp and gold. They are often used in potion-making. Another feature of the Graphorn’s is its thumb like feet.

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